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Weekend is British Talk Show TV series. It debuted on Apr 26, 2014, on ITV. The series has 2.9 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Of Weekend Are There: 4 (87 episodes)

Season 5


Season 4

Season premieres on April 15, 2017

ITV, 42 episodes

Season 3

Season premieres on April 16, 2016

Returns: December 24, 2016

Finale: December 25, 2016

ITV, 44 episodes

Season 2

2015, ITV

Season 1

2014, ITV, 1 episodes

Weekend Streaming

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Weekend Show Time

Weekend is on ITV (United Kingdom) Saturdays at 8 am

Last episode:

Season 4 Episode 42 (John Suchet, Shane Filan, White Buffalo) - Air Date: Sep 03, 2017 (about a year ago)

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Border Weekend Weather | Border - ITV News - ITV News - by Itv

Cloudy again Sunday with outbreaks of rain in the morning, some heavy, then becoming patchy in the afternoon and a little brighter. Milder. Highs to 12°C. Winds freshen and showery rain returns from the west towards dusk.

Granada Weekend Weather | Granada - ITV News - ITV News - by Itv

A good deal of cloud around today, and that cloud thick enough this afternoon for some light rain or drizzle across Cumbria. The best of any brightness will be across more southern parts of the region. Highs 15°C.


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