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Unusual Suspects

Unusual Suspects is American Drama TV series. Produced by LMNO Productions. Stars: Mocean Melvin, Jeff Wilburn, Jamie Hanes. Also known as Suspeito Improvável in Brazil. It debuted on May 31, 2010, on Investigation Discovery. The series has 7.6 * rating by IMDb. Unusual Suspects is set in USA.


How Many Seasons Of Unusual Suspects Have There Been: 9 (115 episodes)

Season 10

Investigation Discovery

Season 9

Season premieres on October 4, 2017

Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 8

Season premieres on January 10, 2016

Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 7

2014, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 6

2014, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 5

2013, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 4

2012, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 3

2012, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

Season 2

2011, Investigation Discovery, 11 episodes

Season 1

2010, Investigation Discovery, 13 episodes

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'Unusual Suspects' What Time Does it Start?

Unusual Suspects is on Investigation Discovery (United States) Wednesdays at 9 pm

Last episode:

S9E13 (Forget Me Not) - Air Date: Jan 10, 2018 (about a year ago)

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reFRAME: The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company - KCET - per Kcet

For example, with our camp kids (those incarcerated in L.A. County probation lock ups), they're so used to violence that the term dramatic arsenal is sometimes taken literally. Imagine you're improvising a scene in which you have to convince someone to give you $20. How many of us would take out a gun and threaten to shoot the person?

Andra Sachs, Brad Sachs: Menendez Brothers Inspired Ashton Sachs To Murder His Parents In California On 'Unusual Suspects' - TV Crime Sky - by Tvcrimesky

California detectives also learned Ashton Sachs often isolated himself, abused substances, and spent hours playing the video game “League of Legends.” Ashton also had a morbid fascination with the Menendez brothers murder case. And on one occasion, Ashton Sachs tried to end his own life after a bad break-up with his girlfriend. Instead of getting him some help, his parents sent him off to college. It is believed Ashton Sachs had never been taught how to handle stress in his life or how to handle rejection.

'Unusual Suspects' Season 6, Episode 7: 'Hometown Homicide' - Atlanta Black Star - via Atlantablackstar

“The All-American boy next door. A church-going grandmother. A devoted brother. They were respected role models and trusted members of their community — until the day each of them was charged with a shocking crime. This summer, Investigation Discovery shines a light on some “Unusual Suspects”, showing that even the nicest neighbor can have a sinister side. From vengeful family members to a corrupt officer patrolling the roads, the series profiles those you would least expect to be capable of committing such dark deeds. Each one-hour episode of “Unusual Suspects” showcases some of the most baffling and challenging cases in contemporary law enforcement, and commends the unwavering investigations that led to the arrest of these unlikely culprits. Featuring in-depth interviews from some of America’s top investigative forces, viewers find out how these illusive offenders evaded justice for years, and how persistent police work and a passion for justice ultimately got them caught.”


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