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The Last Empress

The Last Empress is South Korean Drama TV series. Also known as An Empress's Dignity in World-wide. It debuted on Nov 21, 2018, on SBS. The series has 7.5 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Of The Last Empress Are Out: 1 (28 episodes)

Season 2


Season 1

Season premieres on November 21, 2018

Finale: January 3, 2019

SBS, 28 episodes

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The Last Empress Show Time

The Last Empress is on SBS (Korea (South)) Wednesdays at 10 pm

Last episode:

Season 1 Episode 28 (Episode 28) - Air Date: Jan 03, 2019 (8 months ago)

News & Interviews

K-Drama Review: "The Last Empress" Consistently Astounds With Thrilling Story Bends Amidst Problem-Laden Plot - hellokpop - per Hellokpop

The Last Empress had me feeling like one of the hobbits on a journey to Mt. Mordor after all the heartbreaking difficulties in the series. Sadly though, I did not get a happy-I’m-back-to-Shire moment because along the way I lost the passion to root for its happy ending.

K-Drama Couch: Thrilling Cliff-Hangers Highlight "The Last Empress", "Memories Of The Alhambra" & "Sky Castle" - hellokpop - according to Hellokpop

We thought we were clear with the definition of home-wrecker until Coach Kim introduced herself in Sky Castle families. Her thirst to break families apart, I hope, would be explained in the future episodes.

'The Last Empress' Episodes 17 & 18 Spoilers: Emperor Investigates Oh Sunny For Murder Of Grand Empr - Korea Portal (English Edition) - according to En

In the upcoming episode, the imperial family will order an investigation on the death of the Grand Empress. Oh Sunny is seen being interrogated for the crime. It seems like Dowager Kang or Yoo Ra has something to do with the death of the Grand Empress.

'The Last Empress' Episodes 9 & 10 Spoilers: Woo Bin Finds A Chance To Kill The Emperor - Korea Portal (English Edition) - by En

As for Oh Sunny, she will be out with the emperor on her first official function as the new Empress. The Last Empress is set in a hypothetical constitutional monarchy in 2018. It follows the story of a stage musical actress, Oh Sunny, who marries the emperor. As she searches for true love and happiness at the palace, Oh Sunny gets entangle with the murder of the emperor's grandmother.


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