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The Checkout

The Checkout is Australian Comedy TV series. Produced by Jigsaw Dwarf. Stars: Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel, Kirsten Drysdale. It premiered on Mar 21, 2013, on ABC. The series has 8.1 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons In The Checkout: 6 (82 episodes)

Season 7


Season 6

Season premieres on January 30, 2018

ABC, 12 episodes

Season 5

Season premieres on April 6, 2017

ABC, 16 episodes

Season 4

2016, ABC, 16 episodes

Season 3

2015, ABC, 12 episodes

Season 2

2014, ABC, 16 episodes

Season 1

2013, ABC, 10 episodes

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'The Checkout' What Time Does it Start?

The Checkout is on ABC (Australia) Tuesdays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 6 Episode 12 (Episode 12) - Air Date: Apr 17, 2018 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

A load of Boswelox: The Checkout slams skincare brands - AdNews - via Adnews

“The beauty industry would love you to think that you can get the same effect by rubbing collagen on your face as you can by injecting it,” said Drysdale. “But that's not the way it works. Generally, collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the skin and, even if they're not, when collagen is kept at room temperature, like on a shop shelf, it becomes ineffective.”

The Checkout: Fake miracle skin cream and dodgy clinical trials - - via News

TV hit for local lass on The Checkout - Mackay Daily Mercury - via Dailymercury

The Checkout's Julian Morrow: 'We've kept a lot of ABC lawyers in therapy' - Mediaweek - via Mediaweek

Milk company sues the ABC over The Checkout - Sydney Morning Herald - via Smh

The Checkout's season five debut pulls less than 500000 - mUmBRELLA* - via Mumbrella

You’re talking about ratings for timed video. The entire concept of waiting for a TV channel to start and stop a show for a consumer is archaic. It’s why Netflix makes entire seasons available at once. These shows are good to watch for years to come on video-on-demand, so I wouldn’t take OZTAM ratings too seriously as an indicator of a shows popularity. It’s more useful for media agencies to see if they hit their TARPS in an antiquated system that sells on ad slots and not audiences.

Brands on notice as The Checkout returns to air following Reckitt Benckiser High Court decision - mUmBRELLA* - via Mumbrella

The Checkout: ABC sued by a2 Milk - - via News

The Checkout is a bitter pill for some - Sydney Morning Herald - via Smh

Red Ink: Nauru government's move against press freedom; RIP HuffPost Australia; Goodbye to The Checkout ... - via Finance

The South African rightly corrected their story: “In the original version, we mistook the Steve Smith who posted the video below with the disgraced former Australian cricket captain of the same name. Much like the batsman, we did not cover ourselves in glory. Sincere apologies to the more upstanding Mr Smith.”

The Checkout-Less Store War Is On: Microsoft Is Reportedly Working on an Amazon Go Rival - Fortune - via Fortune

The Checkout producer slams ABC partnership with vitamin brand Swisse - mUmBRELLA* - via Mumbrella

Australian consumers need shows like The Checkout - via Crikey


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