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The Charlotte Show

The Charlotte Show is British Reality TV series. Produced by MTV UK. Stars: Charlotte Crosby, Joshua Ritchie, Melissa Wharton. Also known as El show de Charlotte in Spain. It first aired on Mar 28, 2018, on MTV. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.1 *.


How Many Seasons Of The Charlotte Show Are There: 2 (17 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on January 30, 2019

MTV, 8 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on March 28, 2018

MTV, 9 episodes

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What Time The Charlotte Show Air?

The Charlotte Show is on MTV (United Kingdom) Wednesdays at 9 pm

Last episode:

S2E8 (Episode 8) - Air Date: Mar 20, 2019 (2 months ago)

News & Interviews

Spoiler Alert: Geordie Shore's Scotty T Talks All Things 'The Charlotte Show' - MTV UK - via Mtv

We caught up with Scotty at VidCon Europe to have a little chat with us about the show ahead of its premiere TONIGHT, and he's dished on just how difficult Char has found filming, oh and he's even given us a cheeky little spoiler. 

Charlotte Crosby net worth UNVEILED as she launches The Charlotte Show - OK! magazine - via Ok

The Charlotte Show Spoiler Video: Charlotte Crosby Explains Why Being Asked Surgery Questions Really Annoys Her: 'It's Like An Obsession' - MTV UK - via Mtv

The Charlotte Show Spoiler Video: Charlotte Crosby Reveals How Her Hectic Lifestyle Can 'Be Too Much Sometimes' As Her Sunny Photoshoot Doesn't Go Exactly To Plan - MTV UK - via Mtv

The Latest Episode Of The Charlotte Show Reveals The REAL Reason Charlotte Crosby Broke Down In Tears On The Street In Australia - MTV UK - via Mtv

The Charlotte Show Spoiler Video: Charlotte Crosby And Josh Ritchie Deal With The Footage Of Her Australian Kiss - MTV UK - via Mtv

Charlotte reveals: “Josh has come over to join the party but neither of us have seen episode two yet or the kiss in Australia. It’s just hanging over us like a big dark cloud. On one hand we could watch these videos and get this all out of the way. But on the other hand everyone is having such a laugh that I don’t want to bring the mood down.”

The Charlotte Show Episode 2 Spoiler Video: Charlotte Crosby Gets Emotional As She Gets Asked About Josh Ritchie In Australian Interview - MTV UK - via Mtv

The Charlotte Show Spoiler Video: Sophie Kasaei Gives Geordie Shore BFF Charlotte Crosby Some Very Wise Words Of Advice About Her Josh Ritchie Relationship - MTV UK - via Mtv

Stephen Bear hasn't seen 'a single episode' of The Charlotte Show - Metro - via Metro

The Charlotte Show - MTV News - via Mtv

She’s the feisty Geordie lass we can’t get enough of – and now she’s got her very own MTV reality show. Get ready for Charlotte Crosby’s brand new series – The Charlotte Show! Access all areas of Charlotte’s work, life and relationships as we follow the lass on her travels to Australia, Ireland and more. We’ll be getting up close and personal with her mam, her BFF and of course her three cute AF dogs. Since shooting to fame on Geordie Shore, Charlotte’s gone on to become a TV presenter, fashion designer and fitness mentor. With millions of social media followers, she is papped and written about daily in the national press and has had to live out some of her most personal moments in the glare of the media spotlight. Now it’s time for fans to find out what really goes on behind the scenes in Charlotte’s life – warts and all. Get ready for fun, adventure and (probably) a few mortal moments along the way!

Watch The Charlotte Show - Fright Night - MTV News - via Mtv

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10 Things We Learnt From The First Episode Of The Charlotte Show Series 2 - MTV UK - via Mtv

The Charlotte Show Spoiler: Charlotte Crosby Commits To Charity Challenge As She Opens Up About The Loss She Felt After Ectopic Pregnancy - Exclusive - MTV UK - via Mtv


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