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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Produced by DreamWorks Animation Television. Stars: Tara Strong, Brad Norman, Rachel Butera. It debuted on May 11, 2018, on Amazon Prime. The series has 5.7 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Are In The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: 1 (13 episodes)

Season 2

Amazon Prime

Season 1

Season premieres on May 11, 2018

Amazon Prime, 26 episodes

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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is on Amazon Prime (USA) s at 6 pm

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Season 1 Episode 1 (Stink of Fear: Chapter One) - Air Date: May 11, 2018 (about a year ago)

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Interview with Tara Strong from 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle' - Rotoscopers - by Rotoscopers

Well, when we go full cast recording, not really because we all feed off of each other. I initially was not cast as Rocky, and so when I stepped in I had to catch up on what they had already recorded. So I would do like 5 episodes in a row by myself and that would be vocally taxing. If we do one or two episodes together in the group it’s easy to get the energy up for that especially with being how fabulous that room is it’s not really challenging. It’s more of just a fun ride that we all get to go on.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Season 2 drops on Friday - - per Comicmix

From executive producer Scott Fellows, the world-famous talking moose and flying squirrel are back in season 2 of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, a serialized comedy divided by unique arcs about two goofball best friends who routinely find themselves thrust into harrowing situations but end up saving the day time and again. The series was recently nominated for three Annie Awards, two for Character Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production and one for Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production.

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle", Serial Anyar untuk Buah Hati Tercinta - by Netralnews

Hadir secara eksklusif di DreamWorks, rusa yang terkenal di dunia, Bullwinkle, dan tupai terbang, Rocky, kembali dalam The Adventures of Rocky dan Bullwinkle, sebuah serial komedi animasi tentang dua sahabat naif yang terus-menerus terjebak dalam situasi yang mengerikan, namun pada akhirnya dapat selamat dari waktu ke waktu.


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