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Sister Wives

Sister Wives is American Reality TV series. Produced by Puddle Monkey Productions. Stars: Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown. Also known as Feleségtársak in Hungary. It first aired on Sep 26, 2010, on TLC. The series has 4.4 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Sister Wives Has: 13 (188 episodes)

Season 14


Season 13

Season premieres on January 20, 2019

TLC, 13 episodes

Season 12

Season premieres on January 7, 2018

TLC, 22 episodes

Season 11

2016, TLC, 12 episodes

Season 10

2016, TLC, 10 episodes

Season 9

2015, TLC, 14 episodes

Season 8

2015, TLC, 12 episodes

Season 7

2014, TLC, 9 episodes

Season 6

2013, TLC, 20 episodes

Season 5

2012, TLC, 16 episodes

Season 4

2012, TLC, 18 episodes

Season 3

2011, TLC, 19 episodes

Season 2

2011, TLC, 23 episodes

Season 1

2010, TLC, 9 episodes

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Sister Wives is on TLC (United States) Sundays at 6 pm

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Season 13 Episode 13 () - Air Date: Apr 21, 2019 (5 months ago)

News & Interviews

'Sister Wives' family that fled from Utah makes home in inclusive Arizona city - by Kutv

The family doesn't regret its time in Nevada, where the kids blossomed because they could be normal and not singled out as polygamous kids like in Utah, the wives said. They now range in age from 2 to 24.

TLC's 'Sister Wives' have moved to Flagstaff, for real(ity) - by Azdailysun

Hey, if Council Member Putzova and her supporters can support an armed, illegal alien, heroine dealing shoplifter living here, I don’t see an issue. So much for the sign at the entrance to town. “ We’re building an inclusive community.”

Why The 'Sister Wives' Family Is Leaving Las Vegas - by Ibtimes

“As much as we’ve loved making our home and memories here in Las Vegas, we are excited to embark on a new adventure in Flagstaff, Arizona,” they said. “We are looking forward to cooler temperatures, the mountain air, scenic views and the slower lifestyle of Flagstaff.”

'Sister Wives' stars are moving away from Las Vegas - according to Us

It will be interesting to see if it was for a job or if there was another reason. You know that the Brown family will keep this quiet until the new season of the show starts and they can reveal it all to the fans.


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