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Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves is American Drama TV series. Produced by MSNBC Network. Stars: Natalie Morales, Bridgette Carr, Marcy Forman. It debuted on Jul 13, 2014, on MSNBC. The series has 1.6 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Of Sex Slaves Have There Been: 2 (10 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on June 21, 2015

MSNBC, 3 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on July 13, 2014

MSNBC, 7 episodes

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Sex Slaves is on MSNBC (United States) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 2 Episode 3 (In the Suburbs) - Air Date: Jul 05, 2015 (4 years ago)

News & Interviews

The 'Sun Ladies,' An Anti-Islamic State Militia Made of Former Sex Slaves, Expands in Iraq - Breitbart News - via Breitbart

“Our elite force is a model for other women in the region,” said Khider. “We want to thank all the other countries who help us in this difficult time, we want everyone to take up weapons and know how to protect themselves from the evil.”

Sex Slaves and Video Games: The Challenges I Face Raising My Son - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Sex Workers Project Asks MSNBC to Pull Show on 'Sex Slaves' - Jezebel - via Jezebel

Once Used as Sex Slaves by ISIS, These Yazidi Women Are Rebuilding Their Lives - - via Nbcnews

ISIS Leader Who Approved Sex Slaves Killed by U.S. Airstrike - - via Nbcnews

Trucker Kept Sex Slaves in Trailer for Months, Feds Say - - via Nbcnews

A Utah truck driver kept sex slaves in his semitrailer for months at a time while he traveled the country, filing down their teeth, forcing them to alter their appearance and beating them until they nearly passed out, authorities said.

ISIS Reportedly Releases Guide On How To Treat Sex Slaves - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Florida Accountant Timothy Deegan Kept 3 Women As Sex Slaves: Cops - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Sex Slaves From China Surface in Helsinki Art - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Teens Sold as Sex Slaves on Craigslist - Huffington Post - via Huffingtonpost

Craigslist, based in San Francisco, had seemed to put the conflict over its sex ads to rest. Attorneys general in 40 states, including New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut, investigated the company for facilitating criminal activity, after a wave of publicity about prostitution and violent crimes linked to the site.

San Francisco Statue Honoring 'Comfort Women' Sex Slaves From World War II Infuriates Japan - Newsweek - via Newsweek

Saudi Diplomat Accused of Keeping Sex Slaves Flees India - Breitbart News - via Breitbart

Islamic State Sells Yazidi Sex Slaves for as Little as 10 Cigarettes - Breitbart News - via Breitbart

Muhammad and Islam's Sex Slaves - FrontPage Magazine - via Frontpagemag

Vicar of Baghdad Suspended on Suspicion of Buying Back ISIS Sex Slaves - Newsweek - via Newsweek


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