Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell Season 3

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Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell season 3 started airing on Sunday, October 23, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S3E1 Straight Outta Hades

S3E2 Circle Jerk MCMCVIII

S3E3 Three Demons and a Demon Baby

S3E4 Healy

S3E5 The Tree-Hugger Bomber

S3E6 Torture

S3E7 Eddie the Demon

S3E8 Golden Fiddle Week

S3E9 Lee

S3E10 Hammerman

S3E11 Snow Job

most recent episode S3E12 The Dammed

How many episodes are in season 3 of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell?

The season consists of 12 episodes. The second half premiered on Sunday, April 2, 2017.


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I mean, seriously, I think this show is BORING. It doesn't have the same kind of pretentiousness that I thought the Office could sometimes have -- this show just revels in a kind of campy, kitschy, raunchy love of satire. 1 random ep (Junw 2015) Adult Swim I know this may sound like sacrilege, but I actually prefer this show to the Office. A lot like South Park in that sense.


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3 years 5 months ago

It was a baseball player, in season one. not a basketball player. F^cktards.

3 years 3 months ago

yeah you dumb cock suckers it was a baseball player don’t disrespect your pretty face is going to hell you transvestite donkey witch

2 years 11 months ago

Oh BREAK ROOM! Haven’t seen you in a while! Woah-ho ho! It’s REALLY WHIRRIN’, huh?