What Would You Do? Season 10

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Now we have official confirmation that What Would You Do? season 10 is in the works. Actual release date have not been disclosed. Subscribe below for season Ten fanalert to be the first to know when premiere date is announced.

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What whould you do was another classic nick show, Marc Summers and everything that happen on the show involved the audenice, The show would sometimes end up outside and they would go around Universial Studios asking people to do crazy things. But have you ever done one of racism of black racism of other blacks Because that actually happens a lot more than the reverse. It wasn't as good as when you were a little kid; but really are things ever REALLY as good as they are remembered So what would you do if you've seen a student getting bullied by not just the students but my the teachers by backing the student up to the wall and yelling at the student in the face while the student being bullied is crying and looking to the people for help?


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