The Tunnel Season 2

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The Tunnel season 2 started airing on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2E1 Episode 1

S2E2 Episode 2

S2E3 Episode 3

S2E4 Episode 4

S2E5 Episode 5

S2E6 Episode 6

S2E7 Episode 7

most recent episode S2E8 Episode 8

How many episodes are in season 2 of The Tunnel?

The season consists of 8 episodes.


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Previously on The Tunnel: Karl falls apart as the Truth Terrorist's change of direction becomes too much to bear. What will be the cost of catching their man? A hair-raising showdown begins.


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Gloria Kirkpatrick
Gloria Kirkpatrick
2 years 9 months ago

I hope that the Season 2 will start up soon!

2 years 8 months ago

I love this series. Will there be a season 3…..

Faye Howe
Faye Howe
2 years 7 months ago

This is one of my all time favorite crime drama. I love the international flavor and the intriguing story line and complex characters. Can’t wait for season 2.

2 years 7 months ago

When will series 2 be on Netflix in Australia. It’s already been on ABC , missed it