The Last Man on Earth Season 3

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The Last Man on Earth season 3 started airing on Sunday, September 25, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S3E1 General Breast Theme with Cobras

S3E2 The Wild Guess Express

S3E3 You're All Going to Diet

S3E4 Five Hoda Kotbs

S3E5 The Power of Power

S3E6 The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths

S3E7 Mama's Hideaway

S3E8 Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem

S3E9 If You're Happy and You Know It

S3E10 Got Milk?

S3E11 The Spirit of St. Lewis

S3E12 Hair of the Dog

S3E13 Find This Thing We Need To

S3E14 Point Person Knows Best

S3E15 Name 20 Picnics... Now!

S3E16 The Big Day

S3E17 When the Going Gets Tough

most recent episode S3E18 Nature's Horchata

How many episodes are in season 3 of The Last Man on Earth?

The season consists of 18 episodes. The second half premiered on Sunday, March 5, 2017.


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Fan Buzz

& Mrs Howell = Todd and Melissa. But after the seventh episode I've decided to stop watching. Also, Will Forte is hilarious as the inept idiot of the apocalypse or 'President of the United States' (see what I did there). WATCH THE FIRST TWO EPISODES - and see for yourselves! Great show but it turns out that Phil is truly, a big ass.

Critics Reviews

    #JusticeLeague lightens up the DCEU, so at least this time, there was some fun to be had. It’s definitely a step up from BvS, not quite as remarkable as Wonder Woman, but a good popcorn film that doesn’t have me losing faith just yet. <...> - via The Young Folks [Ryan Gibbs]

    When a sitcom enters its third season, it’s important that the series be able to generate new ideas but also to place existing ones in new frameworks. LMOE settled into its new mode as an ensemble comedy last season after the dark morality tale in its first season failed to take off. It found new ways to play the <...> - by AV Club [Vikram Murthi]

    Also, the Malibu Crew is getting a pretty sizable cemetery going on at this point. I know that last season did Christmas, but maybe a Halloween episode this year will lead to some zany zombie action (of course the product of some expired cheese-induced hallucinations). That funeral scene is also a treasure trove of <...> - by Den of Geek [Daniel Kurland]

    Mark was stuck on a flight to Tokyo when The Virus broke out; he somehow got word to Lewis he was trying to sail back to Seattle. But that was almost three years ago. (Another thing that makes Last Man so impressive: it mines the backstories of the gang’s lost love ones so infrequently that the technique never <...> - by Entertainment Weekly [Megan Angelo]

    “Last Man” works best when its cast is forced to readjust, and Forte & Co. has been great at consistently pushing their buttons — be it the slow addition of cast members, a regular shift in locales, killing off characters in heartbreaking (Phil) and hilarious (Jon Hamm’s Darrell) fashion, or <...> - according to indieWire [Ben Travers]


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Ilya Simkhovich
Ilya Simkhovich
3 years 6 months ago

“than when the world was populated by over 7 million.”

Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon
3 years 6 months ago

Well… technically not wrong haha

sweet and caring young lady
sweet and caring young lady
3 years 6 months ago

first season pretty good 2nd season got worse with each episode could not even watch last three without turning the channel , blows ass

Howard Bonds
Howard Bonds
3 years 6 months ago

So WHEN does the dam third season start?

Richard Tanner
Richard Tanner
3 years 3 months ago

Great show my wife and I look forward to each episode.

Avid fan
Avid fan
3 years 2 months ago

Oh farts……….. just binge watched season 2 now can’t wait for season 3 fabulous and funny