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The Good Fight season 3 started airing on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

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S3E1 The One About the Recent Troubles

most recent episode S3E2 The One Inspired by Roy Cohn


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The Good Fight's Sarah Steele Proves Her Theatre Credentials - - via Playbill

Steele relishes the experience of being a series regular and finding the layers of her investigator. “Marissa Gold is a brilliant but scattered woman who is truly fearless,” says Steele. “She has searing insights into everyone around her which people don't necessarily expect because she's young, flighty and unassuming.”

Toppers Fight The Good Fight In 2018 - via Thejournal-news

Jordan Gregg, the tight end who caught three touchdown passes and five extra points throws, led the team in receptions (27) and yards gained receiving (367) while handling kickoff duties and playing linebacker (53 tackles and 1 blocked extra point). Sacrifice? By size and temperament, Gregg is more suited to be a down lineman as a defender, but his team needed a linebacker, so he did that. As a tight end, he was a fierce blocker; on short yardage situations, Dugan often ran behind Gregg and tackle Landon Malloy.

Audra McDonald: 'The Good Fight' writers might be clairvoyant - via Pagesix

“What I find more than anything is that they write things and then they happen,” McDonald told Page Six at the Paleyfest panel for “The Good Fight” on Monday. “They write something and it happens in real life, so it’s kind of happening in a really strange sort of weird way. ‘Like wait a minute, are you clairvoyant? What psychics do you have on the writing staff that we don’t know about?'”

The Good Fight finale recap: The government targets Diane - via Ew

Diane’s legal troubles arise after two FBI agents interview her as part of Kurt’s background check for his new FBI gig. They ask her if anyone’s slept over at her apartment in the past year. At first, she says only Maia and a friend’s daughter, but then she remembers she also slept with nutty leftist Tully Nelson. With Liz’s help, she discloses that fact to the FBI, which reveals that there’s actually more going on here because Tully, who has made several extreme statements, is being tried by a grand jury for planning to assassinate President Donald Trump. Not only that, but our least favorite federal prosecutor, Patrick Basehart, also wants to indict Diane for conspiring with him to do so.

'The Good Fight' Finale All About Trump Assassination, Affairs, and Dumb Republicans - via Newsbusters

A former porn star who claims to have slept with President Trump reaches out to Diane to help her escape the conspiracy charge. She explains that it’s Trump’s people who are out to get Diane: “They know your firm’s leading the way on impeachment and the pee-pee tape. Trump’s obsessed with the pee-pee tape.”

Previously on The Good Fight: Season two finale. The FBI question Diane as part of a job background check on Kurt, leading to unexpected and serious consequences. The mayor of Chicago invites Adrian and Julius to join a ‘think tank' tasked with figuring out how to spend funds that will address the "Kill All Lawyers" problem. Chaos ensues in the delivery room after Lucca goes into labor early. Andrea Martin, Judith Light, Mo Rocca, Margo Martindale, Tim Matheson and Gary Cole guest star.


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