The First 48 Season 15

Premiere Date, Episode Guide

The First 48 season 15 started airing on Thursday, November 5, 2015. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where weโ€™ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S15E1 The House on Madrona Street

S15E2 Blood on Bourbon

S15E3 Blood Lust

S15E4 Secrets and Lies

S15E5 Murder on Maiden Lane

S15E6 Last Shift

S15E7 M.I.A.

S15E8 Knock Knock

S15E9 The Third Man / Cash Money Murder

S15E10 Moonie / Dark Impulse

S15E11 Bloody Valentine / Storm Warning

S15E12 The Case That Haunts Me: Part 1

S15E13 The Case That Haunts Me: Part 2

S15E14 In a Lonely Place

S15E15 Broken Home

S15E16 The Fighter / Final Ride

S15E17 The Ties That Bind

S15E18 Old Wounds

S15E19 Bloodline

S15E20 Dark Corners / Gundown

S15E21 Down on Bourbon / Deadly Trap

S15E22 House of Cards

S15E23 Mother of Two

S15E24 Snapshot

S15E25 1,000 Cuts / Draw

S15E26 Sudden Death / Devil at the Door

S15E27 The Invitation

S15E28 Bad Tempered / The Bully

S15E29 Room for the Night / Down & Out

S15E30 A Killer's Trail

S15E31 Chopper

S15E32 Jazz Funeral

S15E33 Word on the Street

S15E34 Silent Streets

most recent episode S15E35 Deadly Prey

How many episodes are in season 15 of The First 48?

The season consists of 35 episodes. The second half premiered on Friday, October 28, 2016.


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Fan Buzz

Overall a very well done show. Micheal Brown, and Trayvon Martin would have ended up on this show eventually!! Each episode is different yet the goal or common denominator is always the same - CATCH THE CRIMINAL. I find this one riveting on most occasions. It's crazy to be able to look real-live killers in the face before they're caught and to watch how deceptive people can be..


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