The Dead Files Season 9

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The Dead Files season 9 started airing on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S9E1 Triggered - Flint, Michigan

S9E2 Deadly Reflections - Waxahachie, Texas

S9E3 Killer Instinct - El Cajon, California

S9E4 Jumped - Sauk Centre, Minnesota

S9E5 Desert Curse - Sahuarita, Arizona

S9E6 The Uninvited - Slaughters, Kentucky

S9E7 Lullaby For The Dead - Briceville, Tennessee

S9E8 Evil Descends - Murrieta, California

S9E9 Inviting Evil - Berthoud, Colorado

S9E10 Innocence Lost - Elkview, West Virginia

S9E11 Dark Thoughts - Waterford, Connecticut

S9E12 Terrorland - Lake Shawnee, West Virginia

most recent episode S9E13 Easy Prey - Grant Township, Michigan

How many episodes are in season 9 of The Dead Files?

The season consists of 13 episodes. The second half premiered on Friday, June 1, 2018.


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Its real. I have always been interested in the paranormal and have always looked at both sides of each arguments, but is Amy for real He doesn't just see one person either. I actually wonder if this show is gonna like run into unsolved cold cases Could anyone help with some information you may have on the show


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3 years 6 months ago

Dead Files is the only paranormal show I will watch. I have watched every show from day one. I even enjoy repeats! I am hoping there will be a season nine because I really enjoy Amy and Steve helping people who have no other place to go for help. They make people feel at ease because they believe what they are going thru. Thanks travel channel!

3 years 4 months ago

I love this show…Waiting for more please..

Lisa Shelton
Lisa Shelton
3 years 3 months ago

This has then one of the best paranormal shows I have watched as I believe Amy is genuine and not a fake or putting on a show for ratings I watch many types of shows like this there’s one here in the UK called Most Haunted and they really bring a bad name 2 what is a sincere situation 4 people they’ve been proven fraudulent yet still carry on and it’s very fakely dramatic and would put anybody off from watching for believing in the paranormal with Amy’s and Steve’s program The dead files. It would be a shame to lose such an interesting and sincere view of what goes on with the paranormal I would be highly disappointed to lose it

Lisa Shelton
Lisa Shelton
3 years 3 months ago

I didn’t mention but I also Watchaikovsky ghost adventures as they seem legit to me as well.
Even though I now live in England which is my home I used to live in the United States now in reference to Ghost Adventures programme zak bacon had sided that his first ever experience was in an apartment in Trenton Michigan I was unaware of this until a later episode of that program that I watch what I do know is that I only lived a mile away from that for many years and know people that had personally had experiences in that apartment themselves this was way before I ever knew of Ghost Adventures I hope Steve and Amy continue have they ever thought of going to places like the United Kingdom there are so many places that are haunted here it is very well known where I live in Cornwall England that it is one of the most haunted counties we have a pub here
That is circa 1492 and it is proposed to be haunted as well as many other places just in my small town as well which is in St Ives I hope he continues to do the show with Steve as it is very entertaining and I’ve now run out of episodes to watch

Maria Murray
Maria Murray
3 years 3 months ago

Thank you so much to the TRAVEL CHANNEL for having the DEAD FILES on. We believe that Amy and Steve are helping so many people with this show. There is nothing fake about this show. Amy, Steve and Matthew are such a great team. Please, Travel Channel, keep this show coming. We know that there is a other shows who has been on the air for many years on a other channel is not worth watching. Please keep the Dead File on the air. PLEASE!!! We believe that the Travel Channel will not be sorry! We love the Travel Channel. Thanks again!?

Olivia Jane
Olivia Jane
3 years 23 days ago

I don’t watch much TV at all, but I look forward to coming home on Saturday night to enjoy this show. Amy is so intense, Steve is arresting no pun intended (ha!). The other two guys on “ghost adventure” I think are embarrassing to watch. Absolutely painful! I really hope “Dead files” gets picked up for another season. I personally will be bummed out if it’s not!

3 years 9 days ago

this show is SO interesting,,,,I like Amy, but Steve makes the show with his investigations and sincere regard for the clients situation/feelings. I watch Ghost Adventures once in awhile if I know the area they are in. But there is no comparison to the Dead Files!! I think Zac just riles up the spirits and leaves the scene.

I sure hope Amy and Steve come back with more episodes.