The Blacklist Season 4

Release Date, Full Episodes

The Blacklist season 4 started airing on Thursday, September 22, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S4E1 Esteban

S4E2 Mato

S4E3 Miles McGrath

S4E4 Gaia

S4E5 The Lindquist Concern

S4E6 The Thrushes

S4E7 Dr. Adrian Shaw

S4E8 Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion

S4E9 Lipet's Seafood Company

S4E10 The Forecaster

S4E11 The Harem

S4E12 Natalie Luca

S4E13 Isabella Stone

S4E14 The Architect

S4E15 The Apothecary

S4E16 Dembe Zuma

S4E17 Requiem

S4E18 Philomena

S4E19 Dr. Bogdan Krilov

S4E20 The Debt Collector

S4E21 Mr. Kaplan

most recent episode S4E22 Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion

How many episodes are in season 4 of The Blacklist?

The season consists of 22 episodes. The second half premiered on Thursday, January 5, 2017.


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Fan Buzz

It is called the Blacklist because they are looking for people on the Blacklist, thus the premise. Kaplan survive that car accident without a scratch Shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Twelve Monkeys are also can't miss shows for me but Spader's character in Blacklist is so dominating on the screen and the writing is so strong that it is a show that sets the standard for Network TV. It was not Reddington, but it might as well have been: he threatened to kill two people on the show who deserve a lot better, and he went further in the case of at least one of these people and shot her with the intent to kill. You know, like this week and last week and the week after next and the week after will they get caught

Critics Reviews

    Plus, seeing Red give glimpses of his emotions is always fantastic. Sure, it’s fun to see him be the bad ass, but its seeing his care and concern for Liz, Agnes and the ones closest to him that truly stands out. Harold, Ressler and Aram were at least interested in helping her out. Samar felt burned by the <...> - via TV Fanatic [Sean McKenna]

    This time, though, Liz overcomes her nerves just long enough to open the envelope and peek at the sheet of paper inside, which informs her — at long last — that Red is her father. Her next move: tracking Red down at his motel and admitting how angry she is that he kept this from her… before tearfully <...> - per TV Line [Rebecca Iannucci]

    Additionally, all of the personality quirks or character flaws of the characters are still there. So, not only is there no death, there's no personal growth. Imagine if your best friend keeps on dating significant others that are cheap. The first time, you empathize and want to help. The second time, your sympathy may <...> - according to PopMatters [Anthony Merino]

    Welcome to another season of “5 Things We Noticed About The Blacklist.” Season 3 ended with a real cliffhanger as Liz, Tom and baby Agnes were grabbed in Cuba by Liz’s father, Alexander Kirk. Meanwhile, Red was angry and frustrated because Mr. Kaplan betrayed him to help Liz fake her own death. The episode jumps <...> - per Wall Street Journal [Jason Evans]

    But while the familial ties between Red and Liz may be what this series has been circling around for four seasons, it wasn’t what this finale focused on until its very final moments. That’s what’s weird about a two-parter like this. By the time you get to the end, you’ve traveled so far, you <...> - per Entertainment Weekly [Jodi Walker]


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3 years 11 months ago

I love the show Blacklist, On April 14,2016 I watched as Elizabeth Keen died , that is not right I hope that it is just a ploy to throw off the bad men…I will be up set with the show for a while , but she can’t leave and not come back the writers must have had a break down. But I do love the show..