The Big Bang Theory Season 12

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 started airing on Monday, September 24, 2018. Subscribe below for season Twelve fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale — May 16, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S12E1 The Conjugal Configuration

S12E2 The Wedding Gift Wormhole

S12E3 The Procreation Calculation

S12E4 The Tam Turbulence

S12E5 The Planetarium Collision

S12E6 The Imitation Perturbation

S12E7 The Grant Allocation Derivation

S12E8 The Consummation Deviation

S12E9 The Citation Negation

S12E10 The VCR Illumination

S12E11 The Paintball Scattering

S12E12 The Propagation Proposition

S12E13 The Confirmation Polarization

S12E14 The Meteorite Manifestation

S12E15 The Donation Oscillation

S12E16 The D & D Vortex

S12E17 The Conference Valuation

S12E18 The Laureate Accumulation

S12E19 The Inspiration Deprivation

S12E20 The Decision Reverberation

S12E21 The Plagiarism Schism

S12E22 The Maternal Conclusion

S12E23 The Change Constant

most recent episode S12E24 The Stockholm Syndrome

How many episodes are in season 12 of The Big Bang Theory?

The season consists of 24 episodes.


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'The Big Bang Theory' jokes its way to a record as final bow nears: 'Proud of what we did' - USA TODAY - via Usatoday

"For a couple of seasons, they got to flesh out the five of us and then they brought in Melissa and Mayim and eventually Kevin. They created three more fantastic, multi-layered human beings that not only were fascinating and wonderful to watch in and of themselves, but they brought out all these other colors in us," Helberg says. 

CBS announces when 'The Big Bang Theory' will end - Chron - via Chron

Spring has sprung, which means your favorite network shows are already thinking about their summer breaks. CBS, The CW, and ABC have recently announced some of their season finale dates, including when 'The Big Bang Theory's' series finale will air.

The A to Z of The Big Bang Theory - - via Ew

Though CBS wasn’t exactly jonesing for The Big Bang Theory to end after 12 seasons, the writers are giddy about the chance to go out on top. Here are 26 reasons TBBT remains the most popular comedy on TV.

Is The Big Bang Theory on tonight, December 13? - Hidden Remote - via Hiddenremote

Thursday night is the night to catch The Big Bang Theory. But if you have found yourself here then you probably just tuned into CBS expecting to see a new episode of the hit comedy series but instead have found yourself wondering is The Big Bang Theory on tonight, December 13?

Updated Thursday Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory' on CBS Tops Prime Time in Total Viewers - via Programminginsider

Douglas Pucci (a.k.a. “Son of the Bronx”) has worked with Mr. Berman for more than a decade. A Bronx native, NYU graduate and once-intern for VH1's "Pop Up Video," Pucci went on to design, build and maintain websites for various non-profit organizations in his hometown of New York City. He also contributes to the sports website Awful Announcing.

Previously on The Big Bang Theory: Amy and Sheldon's wedding provides Sheldon with the information he needs to make a breakthrough in his symmetrical string theory. Meanwhile, their friends pick up Sheldon and Amy's families from the airport, and Mark Hamill agrees to officiate at the ceremony.

Critics Reviews

    “Education” is Sheldon and Amy’s episode though, and conflict arises in their world as well. The honeymoon is all well and good for a while, but it quickly goes off the rails when Sheldon, well, does his Sheldon thing and ruins it. Not only does he decide that the Harry Potter Broadway play is meant to be interactive, but he also decides to schedule everything down to the minute, including sex. He’s down to do it more than usual because it’s their honeymoon, but the act still has to fit into <...> - by Entertainment Weekly [Kyle Fowle]

    But that's such a random, unimportant subplot that it's genuinely kinda weird that it was in the final season premiere. The Big Bang Theory does just what it does, no matter what's going on in the world or behind the scenes. <...> - by TV Guide [Liam Mathews]

    Penny and Leonard don’t tell them the truth, happily, because really, who would look like the asses, here: the couple who naïvely but genuinely believe their friends gave them a thoughtful gift to celebrate their marriage, or the clowns who cynically marked their friends’ wedding with a regift and a practical joke? Yeah, doesn’t seem like too big of a request now, right? And it works, because Raj tells his friends his dad already lined up a date for him. He thinks he might have a future with the woman, “as long as I can <...> - by New York Magazine/Vulture [Kimberly Potts]


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