Teen Wolf Season 6

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Teen Wolf season 6 started airing on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Series returns with new episodes on Jul 30, 2017. Subscribe below for season Six fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale - Sep 24, 2017. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S6E1 Memory Lost

S6E2 Superposition

S6E3 Sundowning

S6E4 Relics

S6E5 Radio Silence

S6E6 Ghosted

S6E7 Heartless

S6E8 Blitzkrieg

S6E9 Memory Found

S6E10 Riders on the Storm

S6E11 Said the Spider to the Fly

S6E12 Raw Talent

S6E13 After Images

S6E14 Face-to-Faceless

S6E15 Pressure Test

S6E16 Triggers

S6E17 Werewolves of London

S6E18 Genotype

S6E19 Broken Glass

most recent episode S6E20 The Wolves of War

How many episodes are in season 6 of Teen Wolf?

The season consists of 20 episodes. The second half premiered on Sunday, July 30, 2017.


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Fan Buzz

But to be honest the first season or let us say the episodes that included Jackson was a big huge mistake. To Mariela06, The kids are approaching the point where college apps count, the beginning/middle of their Junior year. I'm so enthusiastic and exited and happy this show is just it's i- YAY season 1 was pretty um... They can just go away now.... The problem is, due to cut budget or episodes or whatever, it's jerky as hell.

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    Teen Wolf has always been about Scott's journey, but, of course, we fell in love with his friends along the way. While some shippers might have hoped for proof that their ship has and will forever sail, the ending leaves it open to fans' interpretations. We needed a scene like that in the finale; a callback to <...> - by TV Fanatic [Allison Nichols]

    I will be back in a few weeks with another Beacon Hills check-in! In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Ghosted, Heartless and Blitzkrieg? What’s your take on the final big bad of the series? Sound off below! It’s great to find another of your write-ups on Teen Wolf! 😀 To be honest, I’ve <...> - by TV Equals [Jocelyn W]

    I disappeared largely from recapping the show last season because it had become too focused on plot threads that meant little to a fan who had been following since day one. Luckily, the season six premier (for the finale season of the series) starts out seemingly on the right foot but there’s a thread of doubt <...> - according to The Young Folks [Allyson Johnson]

    The MTV series will be remembered for launching the career of O'Brien; for making Posey more than just That Kid from Maid in Manhattan, a Film Starring Jennifer Lopez; and Price's excellent photo recaps. Loved ones recall the show fondly, reminiscing on its sense of humor, big heart, countless shirtless locker room <...> - per TV.com [Kaitlin Thomas]


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Trey Douglas
Trey Douglas
3 years 3 days ago

Ok i am asking a truthful question is this alert really the date for teen wolf cause I’ve been looking for it on tv on mtv to find it on September everyday of this month so whoever is listening to this please tell me is that the right date for that alert

Trey Douglas
Trey Douglas
2 years 11 months ago

I have teen wolf series from the first season to the 5th part one and teen wolf is just the coolest of any show that i watch other than wwe and arrow