SuperMansion Season 2

Premiere Date, Episode List

SuperMansion season 2 started airing on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2E1 Virtual Reality Bites

S2E2 School Me Once

S2E3 The League of Cheesedom

S2E4 I Don't Even Have to Use My J.K.

S2E5 Black to the Future

S2E6 Blazarmageddon

S2E7 The Gurman Files

S2E8 We Need to Talk About Liplor

S2E9 Logs Day Journey Into Night

most recent episode S2E10 Titanium Lex

How many episodes are in season 2 of SuperMansion?

The season consists of 10 episodes.


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TV picks for Nov. 15: 'SuperMansion,' 'The Emperor's New Clothes, ' 'Medal of Honor' - via Startribune

Sheila Nevins, the longtime gatekeeper for HBO documentaries, gets back in touch with her roots in children’s programming with “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” her brisk and bubbly adaptation of the classic fable with animated musical numbers and some not-so-subtle jabs at the president. Alan Alda and Jeff Daniels are among the famous friends lending their voices.

The Awesomes v. SuperMansion: Dawn of Supersatire - via Bubbleblabber

The first key difference between these shows lies in their main protagonists. I mentioned before Mr. Awesome’s counterpart in Titanium Rex, but it’s his son, Proq, who ends up taking the reins. This changes the story from being about an old horse trying to remain the star into one of a son trying to fill his dad’s shoes. Not that Supermansion doesn’t make proper use of Titanium Rex, whose own insecurities end up being the source of most of his problems, and the rest being ghosts of his pasts coming back to haunt him, something that you can’t quite have with a newbie hero like Proq. Supermansion also has ways of tackling that with Rex’s daughter Lex, but I’ll get to that later.

'SuperMansion' Press Conference Highlights with Bryan Cranston and Breckin Meyer - via Showbizjunkies

SuperMansion returned with new season three episodes on October 4, 2018. Among the upcoming episodes will be the just-announced holiday special, “A Prayer for Mr. T: The SuperMansion Thanksgiving Special” airing on November 15th.

Exclusive 'SuperMansion' Clip Reveals Minnie Driver's Mysterious Character - via Collider

After defeating Zenith’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) evil Uncle Ridan (Taran Killiam), the League finds themselves trapped in a dystopian future, but when they escape back to our time, they discover they’ve been gone six months…and Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) and his Injustice Club has replaced them as the League of Freedom! Rex (Bryan Cranston) and the team must learn what it means to be heroes without the fame and glory afforded them by their stature in the mansion. But it’s not all champagne and roses for Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) – his ex-wife, Debbie Devizo (Minnie Driver), returns from the island he stranded her on decades ago. The island has turned her into an unstoppable killing machine…and Dr. Devizo is in her crosshairs! Rex and his team must decide if Dr. Devizo is worth saving…and then figure out how!

Previously on SuperMansion: In the season finale, Dr. Devizo orchestrates a jailbreak of the League's most dangerous villains. Rex's past comes back to haunt him and the rest of the League's worst fears are realized.


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Raven Null
3 years 4 days ago

This show is basically the only reason I use Crackle. I’m sure I’m not alone so it would be pretty dumb to not renew the show for a second season.

Also, I’d like to add that I hope they bring back Brad and that Lex joins the team as a good guy in the next season.

2 years 11 months ago

Super mansion is hilarious! Bryan Cranston does it again!

Terren Faloh
Terren Faloh
2 years 11 months ago


2 years 7 months ago

We need 5 seasons of the show it’s to addictive

2 years 6 months ago

Hey, they didnt mengion Cooch!!!

2 years 5 months ago

Best show on crackle without a doubt!!!

2 years 2 months ago

That is in fact the funniest series, that i have seen since monty python flying circus ! 😀