Strictly Come Dancing Season 10

Release Date, Episode List

Strictly Come Dancing season 10 started airing on Saturday, September 15, 2012. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S10E1 Premiere

S10E2 Week 1 - Show 1

S10E3 Week 1 - Show 2

S10E4 Week 2

S10E5 Week 2 Results

S10E6 Week 3

S10E7 Week 3 Results

S10E8 Week 4

S10E9 Week 4 Results

S10E10 Week 5

S10E11 Week 5 Results

S10E12 Week 6

S10E13 Week 6 Results

S10E14 Week 7

S10E15 Week 7 Results

S10E16 Week 8

S10E17 Week 8 Results

S10E18 Week 9

S10E19 Week 9 Results

S10E20 Week 10

S10E21 Week 10 Results

S10E22 Week 11

S10E23 Week 11 Results

S10E24 Grand Final

most recent episode S10E25 Grand Final Results

How many episodes are in season 10 of Strictly Come Dancing?

The season consists of 25 episodes.


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Fan Buzz

It was great seeing how all the celebrities coped with learning a new dance every week - it can't be that difficult - I do ballet and learn two or three dances in a half hour lesson - but is still a wonderful show. I love the results show on a Sunday evening too and watch with bated breath to see who will be going home this week. I love the judges because they are truly talented dance professionals themselves and unlike other people I can mention (cough, Simon Cowell, cough) actually have talent themselves and have decades worth of dance knowledge between them. One of the great things about the Autumn is when Strictly Come Dancing starts again. I do wonder about tess though she just seems to be a poster and not actually doing very much.


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