Sidekick Season 4

Premiere Date, Episode Guide

Sidekick season 4 started airing on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S4E1 The Forbidden

S4E2 Birds of a Feather / Cheesecake Day

S4E3 Lasanga Krattorum / Pirates Ahoy

S4E4 Martin's Opus / Power Mad

S4E5 The Adventures of Axle City / Bunsen's Business

S4E6 Unleash the Beast / Fairly Magic Glows

S4E7 St. Patrick's Day / The Spelling Bee

S4E8 Rescue Bots Joins the Sidekicks / Buffalo Render

S4E9 The Big Shared Scared

S4E10 Happy Blastgiving / Don't Get Schooled

S4E11 A New Academy Part 1

S4E12 A New Academy Part 2

S4E13 Left in the Dark / King Troublemeyer

S4E14 Super XOX / Vaniture House

S4E15 Force of Sidekicks / Cheerleader of the Splittsboro

S4E16 Narrative Opening / The Long List

S4E17 Tracker Save Skye and Ryder / Berry Delight

S4E18 Beauty of Splittsboro / Party Goes Nachos

S4E19 The Crystallization Part 1

S4E20 The Crystallization Part 2

S4E21 Eric Who? / A Bank of Robbery

S4E22 Blaze Gets Tired

S4E23 Sidebot Returns / The New Website

S4E24 The Cowboy Adventures / Cookie in Disguise

S4E25 Kitty's Tournament / Training for Dummies

S4E26 Mayor May Not

S4E27 Ultimate Weapon - High and Flying

S4E28 The Uninvited Guest

S4E29 The Driving Duel / Beastly Fowl

S4E30 The Ice Flounder / Back to Mandy

S4E31 Glitter Kids / The Jungle Bonanza

S4E32 Supermania

S4E33 Rock Star Band / The Big Birthday Battle

S4E34 Space Students / The Amusement Sideland

S4E35 Rainbow Extravaganza / Ship Goes Around

S4E36 Adventures of Journey

S4E37 Upgrades and Transformation Part 1

S4E38 Upgrades and Transformation Part 2

S4E39 To Where, Going, Speed, Bring it and Back Again Part 1

most recent episode S4E40 To Where, Going, Speed, Bring it and Back Again Part 2

How many episodes are in season 4 of Sidekick?

The season consists of 40 episodes.



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