Shark Tank Season 8

Release Date, Episode List

Shark Tank season 8 started airing on Friday, September 23, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S8E1 ISlide, Re Think, Fizzics, Spoonful of Comfort

S8E2 GoodHangups, The Lapel Project, Ice Age Meals, TactiBite

S8E3 Raising Wild, The Cookie Kahuna, TekDry, Night Runner, Angels and Tomboys

S8E4 Angels and Tomboys, Atlantic Candy Company, The biēm Butter Sprayer, Solemates

S8E5 SandiLake Clothing, Parker's Maple, Safe Grabs, SiliDog

S8E6 Joyce's LuLu Bang, unPack, Sunscreenr, Potato Parcel

S8E7 EcoFlower, The Style Club, Safe Catch, #BeSomebody

S8E8 Milk Snob, Jack's Stands, Chi'Lantro BBQ, Toor

S8E9 Barbell, PupBox, Line Cutterz, Energybits

S8E10 Chewable Coffee Products, Electronic Skateboard, Simply Fit Board

S8E11 An Entrepreneur Who Works with Santa to Reply to Children's Letters, 83-Year-Old Ironman Triathlon Competitor, Profile of Billionaire Mark Cuban

S8E12 Naturally Perfect Dolls, PDX Pet Design, Basic Outfitters, Victory Coffees

S8E13 Grease Bags, Pinblock, Mama's MilkBox, Nicepipes Apparel

S8E14 Tiny House Rentals; Snack Chips with Cricket Flour; Earplugs That Filter Damaging Sounds; Modernized Childhood Toy

S8E15 Stylish Baby Mats; Portable Pressurized Shower Kit; Folding Smart-Cart

S8E16 A Vibrating Mat That Helps Calm Babies; An Ointment Made From Essential Oils; A Natural Snack Made With Acai

S8E17 An App That Allows Children To Use A Plush Toy To Send And Receive Voicemail; Software That Automates Plant Care

S8E18 Food Supplements, Drone Pilot Training and Educational Courses, Elephant-Themed Apparel and Stylish Beach Towels

S8E19 The Sleep Styler, Blendtique, MealEnders, Rareform

S8E20 Apollo Peak, Under The Weather, Seedsheet, Cropsticks

S8E21 Guard Llama, Flag, Validated, Guardian Bikes

S8E22 Goverre, See Rescue Streamer, Bootyqueen Apparel, Loctote Industrial Bag Co

S8E23 Thompson Tee, Wallet Buckle, Rumi Spice, Peoples Design

most recent episode S8E24 Bridal Buddy, Laid Brand, Rocketbook, Wine and Design, Shark Profiles

How many episodes are in season 8 of Shark Tank?

The season consists of 24 episodes.


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Previously on Shark Tank: A woman from Boston, Massachusetts, hopes the Sharks will make a deal and sink their teeth into her chocolate treats that are perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings; a season four entrepreneur from Aeworth, Georgia, returns for a second chance to pitch the Shark's his new business, a line of men's hair products; a man from Telluride, Colorado, who is desperate for capital, plans to warm the Sharks' hearts with an app that allows users to electronically send handwritten cards; and a man from Boston, Massachusetts, believes he has created a unique way to break bad habits with self-zapping wristbands. Also, recaps and updates featuring the various entrepreneurs that appeared during season seve.


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Tag Master
Tag Master
3 years 19 days ago

Well that’s good news that the season 8 will Premiere in September of 2016 however it amazes me that the Shark Tank is on every ABCbFriday evening during prime-time showing reruns. I guess the ratings speak for themselves but to me it really sucks that we are watching old episodes in such a valuable time slot.