Real Time with Bill Maher Season 18

Premiere Date, Episode List

Real Time with Bill Maher season 18 started airing on Friday, January 17, 2020. Subscribe below for season Eighteen fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale — Jun 26, 2020. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S18E1 Nancy Pelosi, Joe Walsh, Kara Swisher, Jon Meachum, Andrew Yang

S18E2 Megyn Kelly, Alex Wagner, Erick Erickson, Michael McFaul & Ingrid Newkirk

S18E3 Pete Buttigieg; Mitch Landrieu, Mikie Sherrill, And Rick Wilson; Michael Eric Dyson

S18E4 Steve Bannon; Ezra Klein, Andrew Gillum; And Sarah Isgur; Fareed Zakaria

S18E5 Amy Klobuchar; Katie Couric; Van Jones; And Bret Stephens; Pramila Jayapal

S18E6 Dr. Anne Rimoin; E.J. Dionne, Jane Kleeb And Buck Sexton; Nicholas Kristof

S18E7 Rachel Bitecofer, Ross Douthat, Caitlin Flanagan, Anthony Scaramucci & Brian Cox

S18E8 David Ropeik; Peter Hamby, Edward Luce, And Lis Smith; Andrew Zimmern

S18E9 Eric Garcetti, Max Brooks, Seth Macfarlane, Willie Nelson, And Bernie Sanders

S18E10 Bill de Blasio; Al Gore; Ian Bremmer; And Nikki Glaser

S18E11 Dan Crenshaw; Fareed Zakaria; And Andrew Sullivan

S18E12 Nancy Pelosi; David Katz; Jay Leno

S18E13 Eric Holder; Bret Stephens; And Matt Taibbi

S18E14 Justin Amash; Amy Holmes; And Dan Savage

S18E15 Thomas Friedman; Cate Shanahan; And Michael Moore

S18E16 Tom Colicchio; Jay Leno; Ian Bremmer; And Soledad O'brien

S18E17 Michael Render; Frank Figliuzzi; Michael Steele; And Rosa Brooks

S18E18 Episode 533

S18E19 Episode 534

most recent episode S18E20 Episode 535

How many episodes are in season 18 of Real Time with Bill Maher?

The season consists of 20 episodes.


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Bill, FYI. Smith Once started, the university professor yielded the floor to debate. I don't laugh much, but he keeps me laughing out loud. But the one guest, Kennedy was the most annoying personality on the show in a very long time. This is real time with bil maher..


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