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Puberty Blues cancellation confirmed: the series will not be returning for a Third season :( Still, there could be hope for the show to be picked up by another network, so subscribe below for season Three fanalert to be the first to know when something changes.

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Puberty Blues star Brenna Harding opens up about growing up with two mums - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

Small screen debut: At eight years old, Brenna was thrust into the spotlight after a famously controversial appearance with her two mums, Vicki (left) and Jackie (right), on Play School in 2004. The family are pictured here in 2016

Puberty Blues' modest ratings numbers leave Ten network down in the dumps - The Guardian - via Theguardian

“They [Channel Ten] sat on it for a while. In theory it was meant to be on last year and I’m not sure why they didn’t show it, but I’m glad it’s finally out there. Definitely. We’re very proud of it.”

'It scared me!' Puberty Blues' Ed Oxenbould, 17, reveals the dangerous move co-star Jake Gyllenhaal pulled on him ... - via Dailymail

Big gig: Ed stars in 2018 drama film Wildlife, which details a boy witnessing his parents' marriage falling apart when his mother finds another man. Ed is pictured with Jake [L] and the film's director Paul Dano [R] 

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It has by no means turned terrible, it is still a good show but I enjoy watching it less this season. So I was happy to read online today that there is indeed a second series to be aired some time this year. Finally Australia has a show that is actually good! The quality of the cast is amazing with characters who blend in very well with each other. I feel like I am distantly watching their lives from the sideline instead of feeling immersed in it.


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nicholas win
nicholas win
2 years 7 months ago

puberty blues is a pretty good TV show which I must admit

2 years 6 months ago

I love it so upset though it only had 2 seasons but now

Charlotte Valle
Charlotte Valle
2 years 5 months ago

i love puberty blues and really hope they make a 3rd season

2 years 4 months ago

i really love Puberty blues so sad there is only 2 seasons i hope you make a season 3 because people love this show and would hate it to finish with only 2 seasons

1 year 9 months ago

Loved this show

1 year 6 months ago

Love the show, was devastated on how it ended though… hope theres a 3rd season !!! 🙂