Property Brothers Season 13

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Property Brothers season 13 started airing on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S13E1 The High Cost Of Cool

S13E2 Structural Opportunity

S13E3 Reno Interrupted

S13E4 Designing Memories

S13E5 Wide Open Dreams

most recent episode S13E6 Color Clash

How many episodes are in season 13 of Property Brothers?

The season consists of 6 episodes. The second half premiered on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.


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The Property Brothers Just Bought The Home Next Door to Drew Scott And His Wife - - via Housebeautiful

Whatever their reason, the brothers have their work cut out for them. The kitchen needs to be completely redone, along with other parts of the Mediterranean-style home. The one crown jewel of the property is the spacious backyard—I can see the Scott brothers sprucing it up and making it into a summertime paradise.

'Brady Bunch' cast spills details on HGTV's 'A Very Brady Renovation' - via Usatoday

"It's been a really long time since all of us have been back together," said McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on the series, which ran from 1969 to 1974. "But I think that everyone looks at projects as they come, and this one just got us all. It was HGTV – their programming is amazing. This whole show has so much love."

The Brady Bunch Kids Just Reunited to Talk About New HGTV Show: 'It's Been a Really Long Time' - via People

“I mean, seriously, I’m just so grateful to have been a part of that show,” McCormick said. “It’s in so many people’s hearts everywhere and it makes people feel good. How lucky are we to have been a part of that.”

'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott need fans help with 'Brady Bunch' home renovation - Fox News - via Foxnews

The HGTV show, which is set to debut in September, will document the renovation of the interior of the North Hollywood house used in exterior shots on “The Brady Bunch.” Each cast member was assigned a specific room in the house to remodel with the help of other HGTV stars such as the “Property Brothers.”

'Brady Bunch' kids reunite to discuss HGTV's renovation of their sitcom home - via Newsday

The former child actors, along with such HGTV regulars as "Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott and "Flea Market Flip" star and Garden City native Lara Spencer, are helping to renovate the house in North Hollywood, California, that was used for exterior shots of the Brady home. "Susan [Olsen, who played youngest daughter Cindy] and I built the doghouse the other day," said Lookinland of recreating Tiger's backyard abode. "And then we made out in it again," kidded Olsen, 57, alluding to previously disclosed high jinks between their preteen selves.

Fan Buzz

Love it love it. Jonathan and Drew Scott work together to make a family happy. At the end they are perfectly sound in their new home. My husband wants the stairs straight and I want the stairs with a curve in them to make it easier to move a large item upstairs. At the age of 13 Im proud to say I found this show It teaches me the expences in life like how much owning my own property would cost and stuff this is fun and has some very good humor and helps people who want to buy a great house but cant find it in there price budget that were Drew comes in there realiter he shows them the house of there dreams knowing they cant afford it and then tells them he can get them a piece of crap house under there budget and use the rest of the money for renavations were his identical brother jonathan comes in he fixes up the house beautifullu and he just cant belive the jod he does with a torn to piece house This Show Is Great it's on channel 58 hgtv watch it


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