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Our Girl season 3 started airing on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. Series returns with new episodes on Jun 05, 2018. Subscribe below for season Three fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale - Jul 24, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S3E1 Episode 1

S3E2 Episode 2

S3E3 Episode 3

S3E4 Episode 4

S3E5 Episode 5

S3E6 Episode 6

S3E7 Episode 7

S3E8 Episode 8

S3E9 Episode 9

S3E10 Episode 10

S3E11 Episode 11

most recent episode S3E12 Episode 12

How many episodes are in season 3 of Our Girl?

The season consists of 12 episodes. The second half premiered on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.


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Our Girl final episode: Will Michelle Keegan return for series 4? - via Heart

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Our Girl fans REALLY don't want Georgie to get with Captain James - via Radiotimes

And then there’s Molly. Many feel sorry for CJ’s now ex-wife (previously played by Lacey Turner), who returned off screen in Monday night’s episode – talking about furniture over the phone to her estranged husband.

Will there be a fourth series of Our Girl and will Michelle Keegan be back? - via Metro

The actress is remaining tight-lipped about whether she will return as Georgie Lane – although fans have been speculating that her character might not make it to the end of the series alive thanks to one key moment in the trailer for the finale.

Will Lacey Turner Return To 'Our Girl'? A Showdown Between Mollie & Captain James Could Be On The Cards - via Bustle

Nonetheless, Captain James' shock declaration also has fans speculating whether the storyline could actually be opening a gateway for Turner's character to come back into the Our Girl fold. But, how likely is the possibility of the actress returning to Our Girl?

Is Michelle Keegan pregnant? Rumors start after Mark Wright's father's Instagram post - via Dailymail

Michelle Keegan hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant, but rumors are swirling. Her father-in-law, Mark Wright Sr, shared a photo of her from his son Josh Wright’s wedding using the hashtag, ‘#YouKnowWeKnow’.

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Ava forcing Steve to have sex with her Getting old and tired. Boring as heck too. Ava forcing Steve to have sex with her 5/16 Lucas and Adrienne??


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