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Our Girl season 2 started airing on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

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S2E1 Episode 1

S2E2 Episode 2

S2E3 Episode 3

S2E4 Episode 4

most recent episode S2E5 Episode 5

How many episodes are in season 2 of Our Girl?

The season consists of 5 episodes.


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Previously on Our Girl: As she returns home from Afghanistan, difficult questions rain down upon Molly Dawes. Who will live and who will die? Can she ever pick up the pieces? Brave choices beckon for Our Girl as she faces her biggest challenge yet: how will she face her own future?


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I just hope it’s going to be as good as the first series.


omg i cant wait i already believe in my head that michelle keegan will smash it as she is a really convincing actress i love her i also loved Lacey Turner.

Disappointed viewer
Disappointed viewer

My wife and I were really taken by Lacey Turners character “Molly”. We were so disappointed when season 2 was released without her being in it. How can season 2 even be titled “Our Girl” when “our girl” isn’t even in it anymore?
This show would have retained a much bigger audience if they decided to just wait until Lacey Turner had the time to finish what she was doing with EE.
1 episode of season 2 is enough for us to stomach… It’s too different of a show now, completely different feel, feels much too fabricated and there is no flow, too fake..
Hopefully if there is to be a season 3 Lacey Turner could take back the reigns and breath some real life back into it..
This new character started us off on the wrong foot, as a lance corporal she would have absolutely no say in any command decisions, however, this character thinks herself as an officer who can boss people around, including officers. Give us a break, stop trying so hard.
Sorry, but I think season 2 is crap from what I’ve seen and won’t be watching anymore than the one episode…..


I managed to see Ep 1 of Series 2 on YouTube – very surprised to be able here at the bottom of the Earth in a faraway place. It has some redeeming features but a lot of explaining to do. Capt James resigned his commission at the end of Series 1 yet he pops up again which is nice & thankfully his mention of Molly would suggest they are still together as they should be with their love story being so strong. I hope Lacey Turner can reappear somewhere along the way in Series 3 to reinforce the strength of Series 1 story line. Where is Corporal Kinders? Platoon of Series 1 was such a great team strengthened by his shared leadership role with his CO.

Barbara Ewens
Barbara Ewens

I have watched Series 2 on You Tube and found it riveting; it is certainly different to Series 1 but Tony Grounds redeemed himself by writing Molly into the story acknowledging that Capt.James & Molly are married (whew!) and there are references to her continued military service. Obviously Capt.James was reassigned his commission as he is again in charge of Section 2 minus Cpl Kinders 🙁 which was sad but Fingers and Mansfield Mike are there. It is certainly up to date with world affairs and terrorism and had my heart pounding in places. Don’t miss it. Note to Tony Grounds, please give Lacy Turner a ring and invite her back even if only to attend the wedding of Cpl Lane & Elvis (presuming they finally get it together) and show us die-hard Molly fans she is happily married to Capt.James. Just suggesting………