NCIS Season 16

Premiere Date, Episode List

NCIS season 16 started airing on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S16E1 Destiny's Child

S16E2 Love Thy Neighbor

S16E3 Boom

S16E4 Third Wheel

S16E5 Fragments

S16E6 Beneath the Surface

S16E7 A Thousand Words

S16E8 Friendly Fire

S16E9 Tailing Angie

S16E10 What Child Is This?

S16E11 Toil and Trouble

S16E12 The Last Link

S16E13 She

S16E14 Once Upon a Tim

S16E15 Crossing the Line

S16E16 Bears and Cubs

S16E17 Silent Service

S16E18 Mona Lisa

S16E19 Perennial

S16E20 Hail & Farewell

S16E21 Judge, Jury…

S16E22 .. Executioner

S16E23 Lost Time

most recent episode S16E24 Daughters

How many episodes are in season 16 of NCIS?

The season consists of 24 episodes.


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Fan Buzz

So is Ziva alive now after tonight's episode Now the show is boring... Any show that has been on as long as NCIS has needs a shot in the arm occasionally, and while I miss "Tony" and "Ziva", I really like the entire cast that they have assembled. But what about equal time for the other side Here's some pro-tips for the writers: Lose the arriviste headshrinker whose name I don't even know, get McGee to man up, turn Gibbs into a high-and-tight Marine again, more Ducky and less Jimmy, and confine Abby to scenes of her discovering things in her lab.

Critics Reviews

    When Hakim gets the news, he destroys a perfectly nice TV and starts threatening Sloane, who openly laughs at him. You see, she and Gibbs hatched Operation Cuckoo’s Nest, which involved her convincing Rigg that she was unraveling, and then having a satellite track her to Hakim’s location. And OH THANK GOD because otherwise, her actions this week would’ve been unpardonably <...> - via Entertainment Weekly [Sara Netzley]


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