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Mythbusters cancellation confirmed: the series will not be returning for a 2019 season :( Still, there could be hope for the show to be picked up by another network, so subscribe below for season 2019 fanalert to be the first to know when something changes.

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Mythbusters to Hit the Road with Theater Tour - VenuesNow - according to Venuesnow

There may be a surprise at the beginning of the show that resembles an explosion, but there will be no shrapnel or projectiles. Our insurance won’t allow us to blow everything up on a nightly basis.

'Mythbusters Jr.' is just the latest kid-friendly reality spinoff: What's behind the trend? - USA TODAY - via Usatoday

Some youth shows appear on niche networks, reaching smaller audiences than the main series.  "American Juniors," an  "American Idol" spinoff that flopped in 2003 – near the peak of the "Idol" run – was one of the first youth-focused offerings, and evidence the strategy doesn't always work. The first junior version of ABC's "Dancing" was a dud this fall.  

Scott D. Pierce: Whoa! Kids get to blow stuff up in new 'MythBusters Jr.' show - via Sltrib

It doesn’t bother him that none of these kids was born when the original “MythBusters” premiered in January 2003. He immediately signed on, after saying no to any involvement in the “Mythbusters” revival hosted by Jon Lung and Brian Loudon that premiered on the Science Channel in November 2017.

Sioux Falls teen, inventor hosts Mythbusters spin off - via Argusleader

Weber spent the summer filming in San Rafael while her family flew back and forth between there and Sioux Falls. She and her family flew down to California the day after school ended in June, and she returned a week after school started back up in September. Each episode was filmed within a week.

Adam Savage takes on challenge of 'MythBusters Jr.' - per Sentinelsource

The potential of sharing his knowledge while working with brilliant young minds was enough of a lure that Savage returns to television as host and executive producer of “MythBusters Jr.” For the 10-episode series, Savage has teamed-up with six robotics wizzes, builders and inventors who are all under the age of 16. Just like the original “MythBusters,” they tackle a wide variety of myths: about driving, explosions, movies, popular culture and more. Look for a return of experiments using Duct Tape.

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Now it's Just Adam and Jammie blowing up one thing or another. Wow, the new format is a great example of taking a great show and screwing it up. I find it hard to watch the new format, they have lost a viewer, just another example of taking it one step to far, ruined a good show. Thank you in advbane .. I love science, and many of their experiments are interesting, insightful and even thought provoking.


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Danie Jacobs
Danie Jacobs
1 year 4 months ago

love the series . watch the repeats weekly. Paintng the wall with paint and xplosives: perhaps try it with an extended fan shape with 5 blades extended away 90deg 3 is loaded with paint an 2 with xplodsive. fan something like those on roofs driven by wind