Mysteries at the Museum Season 2016

Premiere Date, Episode Guide

Mysteries at the Museum season 2016 started airing on Friday, January 1, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2016E1 Revolutionary Suffragette, Tokyo Rose, Billion Dollar Will

S2016E2 Indestructible Mike, Bubble Trouble, The Penny Man

S2016E3 Carnival of Naked Animals, Melon Heads, Worst Video Game

S2016E4 Italian UFO, Doomsday Survivor, Birth of Geocaching

S2016E5 Nation of Sealand, Nantucket Sea Monster, Bandit Queen

S2016E6 Bizarre Bread, Worst Train Robbery, Legend of the Jackalope

S2016E7 The Legend of William Tell, The President's Daughter, The Chomp-Chomp Game

S2016E8 The Mysterious Death of Van Gogh, Marathon Woman, Montana Burning

S2016E9 A Father's Mission, Hilary's Yeti, Swedish Titanic

S2016E10 Great Baby Race, Citizen Hearst, Bobbie the Wonder Dog

S2016E11 Mystery of the Spinning Statue, The Unwanted Elephant, Pirates of the Mediterranean

S2016E12 Who Killed Superman, Silver Lake Sea Serpant, Wooden Horse Escape

S2016E13 Pigeon Bra, Alpine Air Rescue, Her Promised Land

S2016E14 Bobbed Hair Bandit, A Deadly Substitution, Escape from the Jungle

S2016E15 Dancing Plague, Tracking Santa, Annie Londonderry

S2016E16 Man Who Saved the World, Man in a Box, From the Depths of Hell

S2016E17 Yellow Fever Fiend, Angel in Bordeaux, Invention of Jaywalking

S2016E18 Arrow Stork, Terror in the Sky, Feuding Astors

S2016E19 Father of the American Cavalry, Rosa Parks of NY, Black Knight UFO

S2016E20 World's Greatest Slot Cheat, Urine Luck and The White Moose

S2016E21 Muhammad Ali Saves the Day, Beast of Gevaudan, Before Hillary

S2016E22 Death of Michael Rockefeller, The 68 Salute, Andes Rugby Crash

S2016E23 Swimming the Channel, Bricking the Bank and Canyon Survivor

S2016E24 Ben Franklin's Bones, Heroine of Flight 847 and Doctor Zhivago Pilot

S2016E25 Millennium Heist, New Jersey Man Eater and Elivs Meets Nixon

S2016E26 Hank Williams, Glowing Soldiers and Iceman Cometh

S2016E27 Flight of the Bell, Arsenic Soup Plot and Spring-Heeled Jack

S2016E28 Miracle On The Hudson, For The Love Of Lady Liberty And Dawn Of The Synth

S2016E29 Kidnapped Filmmaker; Pinky's Freedom Ring; and the Checkered Game of Life

S2016E30 The Spy That Saved Washington, The Monster in the Egg and Hatfields and McCoys

S2016E31 Kensington Runestone, Smile! You're Being Hijacked and Harriet the Spy

S2016E32 Boston Marathon Cheat, Beast of Bodmin and the Naked President

S2016E33 Death of the Ice Cream Blonde, Finding Nessie, World's Worst Opera Singer

S2016E34 Man on Wire, Bigger is Better and Filipino Follies

S2016E35 Hedy Lamarr's Escape, The Kray Twins and Maco Light

S2016E36 Mystery Meat, the Invention of TP and Antony and Cleopatra

S2016E37 Big Eyes, Magnetic Girl and the Half-Safe

S2016E38 White House Water, Queen of the Mist and the Real Holy Grail

S2016E39 Tonya vs. Nancy, Shrimpy Sonar and Dumbarton Dogs

S2016E40 When Twain Met Sawyer, the Guardian Angels and Army of the Dead

S2016E41 Fish Rain, Oil Heir Snare and Cousteau and the Aqua-Lung

S2016E42 Limbo for Love, Vampire's Grave and the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican

S2016E43 Blowing Up the House, Beast of Bray Road and Invention of Penicillin

S2016E44 Buried Alive, Who Really Invented the Telephone and Hoover Saves Belgium

S2016E45 Lancelot the Unicorn, Prohibition Man, Dragon Island and Blood Rain

S2016E46 Great Snake Hunt, Minneapolis Svengali and Swimming With Sharks

S2016E47 The Man Who Sold a Million Rocks, a Party That Started a War and the Umbrella Man

S2016E48 Metal Winners, the Big Con and Operation Babylift

S2016E49 Chain of Fools, Rocket Boys and the Cowboys That Saved Britain

S2016E50 Michelangelo the Forger, Finders Keepers and Brownie Wise and the Wonderbowl

S2016E51 Titanic Violin, Wicked Fungus and the Greatest Bar Bet

S2016E52 One Small Keystroke, Daring Dr. Dan and the Real Batman

most recent episode S2016E53 North Pole Expedition, Iceberg Fleet and the Minnesota Iceman

How many episodes are in season 2016 of Mysteries at the Museum?

The season consists of 53 episodes. The second half premiered on Thursday, April 7, 2016.


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