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There is still no announcement on premiere date of season 9 of My 600-Lb. Life but it will be revealed on this page once there is an official update. Subscribe below for season Nine fanalert to be the first to know when a decision is made. We love hearing your thoughts, so share them with us in the comments below.

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I think I'll just give you up for the next year and (God forbid) if the fascist, racist, misogynist creep gets elected, well its bye, bye for 4 years. Not worth watching, I would get my information elsewhere. On May 28th there was suppose to be a story about what it was like to grow up as Lisa Chapman Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter but instead there was a story about a wedding party falling into the water, how two college students died from a hazing, and the storm mobile, among other things, non of which had anything to do with the story that was promised. YOU HAVE TOO MANY ADS She pulled a Bryan Williams" with that statement.


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