Mozart in the Jungle Season 2

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Mozart in the Jungle season 2 started airing on Wednesday, December 30, 2015. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2E1 Stern Papa

S2E2 Nothing Resonates Like Rhinoceros Foreskin

S2E3 It All Depends on You

S2E4 Touché Maestro, Touché

S2E5 Regresso Del Rey

S2E6 How to Make God Laugh

S2E7 Can You Marry a Moon?

S2E8 Leave Everything Behind

S2E9 Amusia

most recent episode S2E10 Home

How many episodes are in season 2 of Mozart in the Jungle?

The season consists of 10 episodes.


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Overlooked: Mozart in the Jungle - via Thevarsity

Rodrigo wants to achieve the impossible but the realities of the orchestra’s financial situation and ‘red tape’ bar him from achieving his dreams. That is the crux of the show — the battle of art against money. Art cannot be kept alive without money, but it cannot thrive under its burden.

Mozart in the Jungle and the pleasures of low-stakes TV shows that are only so-so - via Theglobeandmail

If it were up to me, I would be living a cord-cutting existence in order to temper the tyranny of choice (and so that maybe I’d pick up a novel now and then), but my wife has to keep up on television for her living and so we have cable. Also, HBO On Demand. And Crave. Even Amazon Prime Video. We’ve got all them all.

'Mozart in the Jungle' tackles gender disparity in music - via Scpr

“Whether they know they’re receiving a ‘no’ or not. If they have no role models, then there’s no place for them to go. So that means you’re shutting off a whole range of possibilities to all your young concertgoers. And it’s bad for boys, too, and it’s bad for men. So it needs to stop.” 

Why Aren't You Watching Mozart in the Jungle - via Vanityfair

If there is a real raison d’être for newcomers to tune in, it’s to watch Bernal give one of the silliest and most magnetic performances of his career. Rodrigo, at first, seems like a caricature of an artist: he’s eccentric and unpredictable, personality traits externally characterized by a very goofy, curly wig that Bernal has to wear for several episodes. But Bernal’s performance ultimately softens the eye-rolling that Rodrigo’s character could have inspired, were he played by a less deft actor. Instead, Bernal’s Rodrigo is a romantic visionary with a heartfelt ambitious streak, caught between selfishly chasing inspiration and reaching out to inspire others around him. Why resist his charms?

'Mozart in the Jungle' Takes a Most Unusual Tea Break in Japan - via Eater

The day after bungling a music competition, conductor Rodrigo (Gael García Bernal) takes his lover/protégé Hailey (Lola Kirke) to a tea house in the middle of a serene garden outside of Tokyo. Clearly, things aren’t clicking between the two musicians on the cab ride over. As a host guides them into the snug teahouse and explains the meaning behind each step of the service, Rodrigo and Hailey begin to retreat into their own minds. Tasting the green tea sends them on individual journeys through a surreal forest occupied by friends, former lovers, and mirror versions of themselves. At the end of the ceremony, both have a clearer picture of where they need to head in their lives.

Fan Buzz

This show is amazing. Rodrigo is a fun and appealing protagonist played superbly by Mr. Amazon has really gotten my attention with this and some other offerings like Bosch and the upcoming Sneaky Pete and The Man in the High Castle. Its really a masterpiece. My music genre, I love classic!

Critics Reviews

    None of this necessarily makes Mozart a must-watch — the stakes remain low, and the observations on the artist’s life mostly surface-level — just a smoother one. For every Bojack Horseman or Difficult People, a  budding streaming network needs a Grace and Frankie or a Casual: pleasant <...> - by Flavorwire [Alison Herman]

    Ironically, both sorts of pleasure emanate from one person - the extremely toothsome Bernal, who richly deserves his award. He plays Rodrigo, the wild-child orchestra conductor loosely based on Gustavo Dudamel, the music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and it's a role that would have grated if Bernal didn't <...> - by Signature [Lisa Rosman]

    Mozart is something of a family affair, with Schwartzman and cousin Roman Coppola sharing exec-producer credits (along with Paul Weitz), and casting their great-uncle Anton Coppola in one of the season's most indelible detours. He plays an oboe legend—they apparently exist‑who meets Hailey and urges her to emerge <...> - by TV Insider [Matt Roush]

    The series' plotting is often herky-jerky — you can tell the show's writers and directors would rather do a plotless ramble but feel compelled to offer something to string the episodes together. However, things usually get better when the series leaves the beaten trail far behind, as in the episode that darts off <...> - by Vox [Todd VanDerWerff]

    Ultimately, I feel like this season was better than the first one. I never thought that the story changed the direction of the show in a less than stellar way, like I felt the first season did. I was pretty pleased with most subplots this season. Overall, I think that the show contained more jokes, or at least packed <...> - by I'm Jeffrey Rex - Season 2 [Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen]


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