Master in the House Season 1

Premiere Date, Full Episodes

Master in the House season 1 started airing on Sunday, December 31, 2017. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S1E1 Master Jeon In-kwon (1)

S1E2 Master Jeon In-kwon (2)

S1E3 Master Jeon In-kwon (3)

S1E4 Master Lee Dae-ho (1)

S1E5 Master Lee Dae-ho (2)

S1E6 Master Choi Bool-am (1)

S1E7 Master Choi Bool-am (2)

S1E8 Master Youn Yuh-jung (1)

S1E9 Master Youn Yuh-jung (2)

S1E10 Master Lee Seung-hoon (1)

S1E11 Master Lee Seung-hoon (2)

S1E12 Master BoA (1)

S1E13 Master BoA (2)

S1E14 Master Park Hang-seo (1)

S1E15 Master Park Hang-seo (2)

S1E16 Master Park Hang seo (3) + Master Cha In Pyo (1)

S1E17 Master Cha In Pyo (2)

S1E18 Master Cha In Pyo (3)

S1E19 Master Venerable Pomnyun (1)

S1E20 Master Venerable Pomnyun (2)

S1E21 Master Lee Sun-hee (1)

S1E22 Master Lee Sun-hee (2)

S1E23 Master Park Ji-sung (1)

S1E24 Master Park Ji-sung (2)

S1E25 Master Go Doo-shim (1)

S1E26 Master Go Doo-shim (2)

S1E27 Master Seol Min-seok (1)

S1E28 Master Seol Min-seok (2)

S1E29 Master Lee Deok-hwa (1)

S1E30 Master Lee Deok-hwa (2)

S1E31 Master Yoo Jun-sang (1)

S1E32 Master Yoo Jun-sang (2)

S1E33 Master Kang San-ae (1)

S1E34 Master Kang San-ae (2) + Master Shin Ae-ra (1)

S1E35 Master Shin Ae-ra (2)

S1E36 Master Shin Ae-ra (3)

S1E37 Master Shin Ae-ra (4)

S1E38 Master Shin Ae-ra (5)

S1E39 Master Kim Byung-man (1)

S1E40 Master Kim Byung-man (2)

S1E41 Master Lee Moon-sae (1)

S1E42 Master Lee Moon-sae (2)

S1E43 Master Noh Hee-young

S1E44 Master Kim Soo Mi (1)

S1E45 Master Kim Soo Mi (2)

S1E46 Master Son Ye-jin (1)

S1E47 Master Son Ye-jin (2)

S1E48 Master Lee Soon-jae (1)

S1E49 Master Lee Soon-jae (2)

most recent episode S1E50 Masters Yoo Min-sang, Kim Jun-hyun, Kim Min-kyung and Moon Se-yoon

How many episodes are in season 1 of Master in the House?

The season consists of 50 episodes.


Almost everyone has a question regarding life and the goal of life. In order to find the answer, the four young men with full of curiosity regarding their lives, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yun, Yuk Sung Jae, and Yang Se Hyung, head to find their master to learn things and get a correct answer. They find the master and spend a day in the master's place to learn things that they didn't know, and wish to know. Whom will they get to meet? And what will they learn throughout the stay?


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