Kevin Can Wait Season 1

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Kevin Can Wait season 1 started airing on Monday, September 19, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S1E1 Pilot

S1E2 Sleep Disorder

S1E3 Chore Weasel

S1E4 Kevin and Donna's Book Club

S1E5 Kevin's Good Story

S1E6 Beat the Parents

S1E7 Hallow-We-Ain't-Home

S1E8 Who's Better Than Us?

S1E9 The Power of Positive Drinking

S1E10 The Fantastic Pho

S1E11 Kevin's Bringing Supper Back

S1E12 I'll Be Home for Christmas... Maybe

S1E13 Ring Worm

S1E14 Kevin vs. the Dutch Elm

S1E15 Choke Doubt

S1E16 The Back Out

S1E17 Unholy War

S1E18 Neighborhood Watch

S1E19 Showroom Showdown

S1E20 Double Date

S1E21 Kenny Can Wait

S1E22 Quiet Diet

S1E23 Sting of Queens: Part One

most recent episode S1E24 Sting of Queens: Part Two

How many episodes are in season 1 of Kevin Can Wait?

The season consists of 24 episodes.


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Proposed AMC series appears to poke fun at 'Kevin Can Wait' - The Daily Herald - via Heraldnet

When news of her departure broke in June 2017, Hayes had tweeted, “True, I’ve been let go from the show. Very sad, I had a great experience season 1. Thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans.” The following month she became the female lead of the Amazon comedy series “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” and later was cast in the independent feature “Holly Slept Over,” among other work.

Proposed AMC series appears to poke fun at 'Kevin Can Wait' - via Newsday

Announcing the formation of writers' rooms for this and an additional, unrelated series, the cable network said the show would examine "the secret life of a woman we all grew up watching," the sitcom wife married to a man "who gets to be a jerk because she's a nag and he's 'funny.' "

'Kevin Can Wait' cancellation: CBS exec reveals what went wrong - via Aol

Of course, that reunion wasn't without controversy. "Kevin Can Wait" famously killed off the character of James' original co-star, Erinn Hayes, in order to make room for Remini -- a move that didn't sit well with everyone, and ended up playing a role in the show's eventual demise.

What's the Real Reason CBS Canceled Kevin Can Wait - via Esquire

That's the question to which I dedicated eight months of exhaustive research. Was her death an accident? Certainly, "Kevin" is prone to pratfalls. Or was it on purpose? Could this have been a calculated murder that spoke to the darkness within this seemingly family-friendly half-hour sitcom—a darkness lurking beneath the American Dream, within all of us? Through careful consideration of the next 24 episodes, I found a catalog of evidence pointing to possible motives for Donna's death.

CBS renews 'Criminal Minds,' 'Elementary;' cancels 'Kevin Can Wait,' 'Scorpion' - via Usatoday

But Kevin Can Wait, which marked King of Queens star Kevin James' return to the network, won't return for a third season. Neither will Superior Donuts, the sitcom that stars Judd Hirsch as a coffee-shop owner. And procedural drama Scorpion was stung by cancellation after four seasons.

Kevin James returns to series television in an irresistible comedy about a newly retired police officer looking forward to quality time with his family - and his fellow retired cops. When his oldest daughter announces she's dropping out of college to support her fiancé, Kevin knows his only choice is to move them both into his home to keep her in school. The fun has to wait… his family is his new beat on Kevin Can Wait.

Critics Reviews

    Does this series make light of potentially serious scenarios? Where is the line between comedy and reality? Are you ever offended by comedy styles you see or hear? Is offensiveness something that should be considered, or should anything go in this genre? Kevin's an exaggerated midlifer with modest ambitions and a <...> - by Common Sense Media [Emily Ashby]

    Below, our thoughts on Fall dramas Bull and Pure Genius, along with comedies Kevin Can Wait, Man With a Plan and Millenial-skewering The Great Indoors (spoiler: this staff of Millenials was less than impressed with what we saw). We haven't been given the opportunity to screen MacGyver just yet, so we'll <...> - by E! Online [Tierney Bricker]

    CBS has been providing top rated TV shows for over a decade. As a comedy lover, I am always excited to see what new shows ‘The Eye’ will produce to follow in the footsteps of greats such as How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. This year I was even more excited when I saw that they were bringing in <...> - by tvandcity [Jon Ben-Zvi]

    The network wasn’t about to take any chances, either. (According to trade accounts, CBS chief Leslie Moonves sat in on table reads.) CBS wanted something with mass appeal as opposed to just regional appeal, and one result is a largely generic Long Island. Maybe the family lives in Suffolk, but could just as easily <...> - by Newsday [Verne Gay]

    In this series James plays a family man who’s ready to retire when his adult daughter decides to move back in with the folks and brings with her her strange fiancé. He apparently has two other children as well, but they were nowhere to be seen in the pilot. Family sit-coms have proven to work well, ala shows like <...> - by New York Observer [Anne Easton]


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2 years 5 months ago

The show was great! Like Doug Heffernen with kids. Can’t wait ti watch next week