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Into the Badlands season 3 started airing on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Series returns with new episodes on Mar 24, 2019. Subscribe below for season Three fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale: Mar 25, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S3E1 Enter the Phoenix

S3E2 Moon Rises, Raven Seeks

S3E3 Leopard Snares Rabbit

S3E4 Blind Cannibal Assassins

S3E5 Carry Tiger to Mountain

S3E6 Black Wind Howls

S3E7 Dragonfly's Last Dance

S3E8 Leopard Catches Cloud

S3E9 Chamber of the Scorpion

most recent episode S3E10 Raven's Feather, Phoenix Blood

How many episodes are in season 3 of Into the Badlands?

The season consists of 10 episodes. The second half premiered on Sunday, March 24, 2019.


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Into the Badlands season 3, episode 5 live stream: Watch online - via Fansided

Serious action is going down on tonight’s Into the Badlands, just look at the trailer below! If you’re a fan of a great fight scene, especially dueling with swords, tonight’s episode is tailor made for you. Sunny and Bajie will seek out help from Bajie’s previous master, and she doesn’t exactly live in a house. Meanwhile, The Widow is seen about to do battle, with the words “let’s play” ending the teaser trailer.

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 4 preview: Sunny's new foe - via Cartermatt

We know that it was a bummer to see that the premiere posted only a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just around 1.35 million viewers. However, remember this: Into the Badlands saw its ratings inflated heavily at the start of season 2 by airing after The Walking Dead.

Into the Badlands Season 3, Episode 3 Exclusive Clip - via Denofgeek

One of the most notable changes in the Season 3 playing field has been the defection of Tilda (Ally Ioannides) from her adopted baroness mother, The Widow (Emily Beecham), whose ruthless power grab (which she claims to be rooted in benevolent intentions,) left her alienated. Now, Tilda exists as a mysterious masked post-apocalyptic Robin Hood, called the Iron Rabbit, constantly looting from her mother's supply trucks and giving the bounty to a small camp of struggling survivors, led by former baroness Lydia (Orla Brady). Consequently, The Widow, who also counted on Tilda as her regent (leader of her army), has replaced her in that capacity with the formerly-retired legendary clipper, Nathaniel Moon (Sherman Augustus).

Into the Badlands Season 3 Episode 3 Trailer and Details - via Denofgeek

AMC’s renewal for Into the Badlands Season 3 came in the middle of season two. The network cited an average viewership of 3.6 million viewers per episode, with 2.1 million coming from the adults ages 25-54 demographic, also touting the series as the #4 ranked scripted drama on cable, only behind The Walking Dead, FX’s American Horror Story and Fear the Walking Dead, making it an AMC-dominant dominant top 5. As Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios expresses with enthusiasm:

Violent Into the Badlands returns to AMC today - via Arkansasonline

Quinn was finally fatally skewered by Sunny's love and baby mama Veil (Madeleine Mantock) -- a move that also cost Veil her life. That left Sunny to raise their infant, Henry, and left the Badlands in turmoil amid a power struggle between Quinn's successor, The Widow (Emily Beecham), and her one remaining opponent, Baron Chau (Eleanor Matsuura).

Fan Buzz

I LOVE this new series!!! Needs more young adults. Similar Shows: Banshee, The 100, I dunno what else. We like monsters. Keep up the great work!

Critics Reviews

    This is a show that is unique to television right now. Its combination of swordplay, martial arts and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” leaping about and scaling walls may not play for some people, but those who have bought in are treated to a visually delightful world each week. “Into The Badlands” delivers the action we enjoy, but the storytelling has been a nice plus throughout. That which would seem to be impossible or improbable in the normal television world is absolutely doable in the Badlands. And <...> - by ATVandCity - Season 3 [John Baker]

    Here's the main idea of this review, put inside a delicate yet easy-to-understand nutshell: I give a sh*t about this show now, and you should too. It's worth the investment. Its characters will grow on you. And by the time you get to this season, you'll be glad you stuck with it. That, folks, is the sign of a worthwhile television program. In a way, "Enter the Phoenix" delivers itself as a prologue to the season, a quiet reflection on what has happened and a glimpse into the future at what's on the horizon. It reunites our <...> - by Den of Geek [Stephen Harber]

    The show doesn’t wallow too much in his grief, as Season 3 seems poised to expand some of the background mythology of the series, specifically around the legend of Azra, the mysterious city that might be the salvation of this broken world — especially thanks to a new clan, led by Cressida (“Orange is the New Black’s” Lorraine Toussaint) and Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay), which offers up new insight into what might have led to the destruction of our society. There is no way to recommend jumping into <...> - by indieWire [Liz Shannon Miller]


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