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Humans season 2 started airing on Sunday, October 30, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

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S2E1 Episode 1

S2E2 Episode 2

S2E3 Episode 3

S2E4 Episode 4

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S2E7 Episode 7

most recent episode S2E8 Episode 8

How many episodes are in season 2 of Humans?

The season consists of 8 episodes.


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Humans star says it would be "a shame" if season 4 didn't happen - - via Digitalspy

"I was kind of looking for the right thing, and this just really entertained me. And I thought the best way into that world and the best way into exploring that medium as an actor is to do something you really enjoy reading yourself, and can have a bit of fun with. And that's exactly what The Worldship Humility struck in me."

Humans star Will Tudor really hopes Channel 4 brings back the show for season 4 - - via Digitalspy

"And what's great, as well, is putting the two storylines together, having V come back [from series two]. I was watching back again… watching all of Carrie-Anne Moss's scenes [as V's creator Athena Morrow] to get what I could about that character."

Humans star predicts "big time jump" for season 4 - - via Digitalspy

Though Tudor said it was "a joy" to be back on Humans, he did admit to missing his original character of Odi, the malfunctioning but sweet-natured Synth. "I did miss plying Odi. It’s funny, in series two, the way I’d get into his physicality was very specific, and I missed the routine of that."

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Today's TV: Humans (Channel 4, 9pm) - via Thenorthernecho

Things are about to get even more dramatic in this finale as synths and humans alike get caught up in the race against time to stop Basswood. Laura (Katherine Parkinson) realise that she must put her reputation and life on the line if she is to save the sentient androids, but is she also willing to sacrifice her family?

Fan Buzz

Synths, just keep it on a small scale. I totally recommend this show. Real Humans was 10 episodes per season, Humans is 8. A good show! They sure changed things up -- the father never had sex with the nanny robot in the original.

Critics Reviews

    My enjoyment of the show’s first season was due to the show’s wonderful cast, namely Katherine Parkinson (Laura Hawkins), Emily Berrington (Niska), and Gemma Chan (Anita/Mia). So, I was a bit wary of how season two would manage to advance the series beyond the rather simple plotting of season one. Having seen all of season two (which aired this past fall in the UK and will begin airing on February 13 on AMC), all of my worries were unfounded. Season two of Humans is absolutely great. While I don’t want to delve too deeply into the twists and turns of season two, I will say that the series hits new creative highs and brings up a number of thorny issues surrounding synths and artificial intelligence. The writing and plotting is a step above season one, and the show’s characters grow and change in a number of ways I didn’t foresee from the beginning to the end of the season’s eight episode run. One of the greatest elements of British television is the shortened season, which often allows for a show to trim stories to include only the best elements of the plot, and while allowing characters to develop along a clear path without any meandering arcs. Such is the case with this season of Humans. <...> - by Entertainment Fuse - Season 2 [Jean Henegan]


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Fabulous show.