Henry Danger Season 5

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Henry Danger season 5 started airing on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Series returns with new episodes on Jan 05, 2019. Subscribe below for season Five fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale - Jan 25, 2020. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where weโ€™ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S5E1 Henry's Birthday

S5E2 Whistlin' Susie

S5E3 Thumb War (Part 1)

S5E4 Thumb War (Part 2)

S5E5 The Great Cactus Con

S5E6 Part 1: A New Evil

S5E7 Part 2: A New Darkness

S5E8 Part 3: A New Hero

S5E9 Broken Armed and Dangerous

S5E10 Knight & Danger

S5E11 Grand Theft Otto

S5E12 The Whole Bilsky Family

S5E13 Secret Room

S5E14 My Dinner With Bigfoot

S5E15 Charlotte Gets Ghosted

S5E16 I Dream of Danger

S5E17 Holey Moley

S5E18 Love Bytes

S5E19 Double-O Danger

S5E20 Massage Chair

S5E21 Henry Danger: The Musical

S5E22 Sister Twister Part 1

S5E23 Sister Twister Part 2

S5E24 A Tale of Two Pipers

S5E25 Story Tank

S5E26 Captain Mom

S5E27 Visible Brad

S5E28 EnvyGram Wall

S5E29 Holiday Punch

most recent episode S5E30 Mr. Nice Guy

next episode S5E31 Theranos Boot

S5E32 Rumblr

S5E33 Episode 33

S5E34 Episode 34

S5E35 Episode 35

S5E36 Cave the Date

S5E39 The Fate of Danger: Part 1

S5E40 The Fate of Danger: Part 2

How many episodes are in season 5 of Henry Danger?

The season consists of 38 episodes. The second half premiered on Saturday, January 5, 2019.


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Henry Danger actress Ella Anderson to appear March 30 at Kidz Expo in Marlboro - Worcester Telegram - by Telegram

A: I wouldn't really say there is anything incredibly challenging in a bad way. I love to challenge myself. I try not to let any hard things stop me. However, the hardest part of this business for me is that I am a perfectionist. When I go into an audition or to a new job, I want to be my personal best and when I leave not knowing if I reached the level of "perfection" I was going for, it can be frustrating. I have had to learn to try to approach every opportunity with a positive mindset knowing that all I can do is be prepared and have fun. When I approach a role this way, I am more confident.   Q: Has your character been evolving on "Henry Danger"?

Nickelodeon to Premiere New Original TV Movie with Henry Danger Star - TVKIDS - World Screen - by Worldscreen

Starring Jace Norman (Henry Danger) and Ariel Martin (a.k.a. โ€œBaby Arieโ€), the live-action comedy follows a teen with a knack for solving mysteries named Xander DeWitt (Norman), who finds himself tackling his biggest case yet when his father vanishes without a trace. Bixler High Private Eye will debut on Nickelodeon on Monday, January 21, at 7 p.m.

Previously on Henry Danger: After acting too confident before a fight, Kid Danger and Captain Man are sprayed with Flabber Gas making them powerless to defeat a new villain in Swellview; Schwoz puts the heroes in Exo-Suits which Charlotte and Jasper control.


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