Freakish Season 1

Release Date, Episode List

Freakish season 1 started airing on Monday, October 10, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S1E1 Detention

S1E2 Winds of Change

S1E3 Secrets

S1E4 Trapped

S1E5 Weakness

S1E6 Thirst

S1E7 Knockout

S1E8 Outsiders

S1E9 Saved

most recent episode S1E10 Prey

How many episodes are in season 1 of Freakish?

The season consists of 10 episodes.


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Freakish centers on a group of students at a small-town high school who must fight for survival when predatory mutant freaks take over after a meltdown at the local chemical plant. During Saturday detention, bells ring signaling a containment drill and evacuation - not out of the ordinary for a town with a large chemical plant. The 20 students and the basketball coach retreat to the school fallout shelter for the duration of the drill. Only it's not a drill... When the sirens stop and they return to the school lobby, they find their town has been decimated by an explosion. They see no signs of life outside their high school's front doors. More frightening, those who were not in the bunker appear to be infected...

Critics Reviews

    If “Freakish” had committed to far fewer characters, it might have perhaps been able to make sense of the leftover plotlines. As it is, the half-hour is overstuffed with characters it can’t carry — each with secretive subplots that the actors also cannot carry. In the first few episodes, a brooding female character (Liza Koshy) is revealed to have a background in explosives, and it’s difficult to tell if that revelation is supposed to be shocking, terrifying, or just funny. Perhaps the audience is <...> - according to Variety [Sonia Saraiya]

    Because of editing errors, picture captions on Monday with a Critic’s Notebook article about “Channel Zero: Candle Cove” on Syfy and “Freakish” on Hulu reversed their starting dates. As the article correctly noted, “Channel Zero” began on Tuesday, and “Freakish” on Monday. One of the dead children was Eddie, Mike’s brother, and “Candle Cove,” based on a story by Kris Straub, alternates between past and present, with the creepy details being doled out at an admirably <...> - according to New York Times [Neil Genzlinger]

    That’s a lot of exposition in one breath, but Freakish does not care. Freakish knows what its weird purpose is, and it rushes to deliver over-acting teenagers complaining about their various dramatic relationships and the end of the world. Is it silly and dumb? Yes, certainly. Would I recommend Freakish? With all my heart and soul. There’s a place out there for dumb, soapy teenage drama. It’s a genre that we all pretend to hate but mysteriously gets stellar ratings and has never once come close to dying. Freakish is the <...> - via Decider [Kayla Cobb]


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