Counting On Season 9

Premiere Date, Episode List

Counting On season 9 started airing on Monday, February 11, 2019. Subscribe below for season Nine fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale: Mar 25, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S9E1 Love Is in the Air

S9E2 Jinger Has a Baby

S9E3 Sleepless in Laredo

S9E4 Love and Loss

S9E5 The Abbie Gown

S9E6 To Grandmother's House We Go

most recent episode S9E7 A Bachelor No More

How many episodes are in season 9 of Counting On?

The season consists of 7 episodes.


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'Counting On': Why Some Fans Want the Duggars to End the Show - The Cheat Sheet - via Cheatsheet

I think the thing killing the show the most is that most of us started watching to see the ins and outs of a big family, but the people in that big family grew up and had families of their own and now we’re watching those little families. These people are boring, and it has become painful to watch them do normal [things]. See how a family of 20 does laundry, cook meals, and travel? That’s semi-interesting. See a family of four do it? Well, that’s just painful.

'Counting On': Do Josh Duggar's Sisters Forgive Him for What He Did? - The Cheat Sheet - via Cheatsheet

Jessa Duggar had similar statements about her brother. “I definitely have forgiven Josh. It is a process, though, that you have to work through in your heart,” she told People. “And trust is not quickly rebuilt. It is something that takes a while. We love him very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.”

'Counting On': Duggar Fans are in a Frenzy over Jason Duggar's Rumored Courtship - The Cheat Sheet - via Cheatsheet

Lauren, 18, has appeared on several episodes of Counting On alongside her sister Kendra. Kendra, 20, is less than two years older than her younger sister, making the pair close. Lauren nor the Duggar family have commented on the courtship rumors.

Jinger Duggar Disappoints Fans By Liking Derick Dillard's Post About Donald Trump's Wall - via Inquisitr

Some fundamentalist Christians like Derick seem to be overlooking Trump’s moral failings because they believe that the president’s actions are fulfilling part of a biblical prophesy that will bring about the end of days.

Jill Duggar SLAMS Homophobic Husband Derick Dillard & Accused Molester Brother Josh - via Radaronline

Jill has been rebelling against her strict family in recent months. Not only did she get her nose pierced, but she has also been wearing tight jeans and heels, which go against the family’s strict dress code.

Fan Buzz

I love love love this show! We all love it! Big DUH Sierra wasn't dressed fundy, so I was curious: Where did the two meet ...although I do follow the Duggars, not out of admiration, but out of a sick fascination


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