Chopped Season 2015

Premiere Date, Episode List

Chopped season 2015 started airing on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2015E1 Viewers' Choice Ingredients

S2015E2 Money Saver

S2015E3 Bizarre Baskets!

S2015E4 Chopped, Again!

S2015E5 Say Cheese!

S2015E6 Chocolate Rush!

S2015E7 Reality TV Stars

S2015E8 Late Night Food Brawl

S2015E9 Double Trouble

S2015E10 T.G.I. Fry-Day

S2015E11 Amateurs Redemption

S2015E12 Let's Do Lunch

S2015E13 Fake Cake, Real Stakes

S2015E14 Amateurs' Brawl

S2015E15 First Responders

S2015E16 Fabulous Baker Boys

S2015E17 All-Stars Tournament: Part 1

S2015E18 All-Stars Tournament: Part 2

S2015E19 All-Stars Tournament: Part 3

S2015E20 All-Stars Tournament: Part 4

S2015E21 All-Stars Tournament: Grand Finale

S2015E22 Hot Stuff

S2015E23 Judges' Face-Off

S2015E24 Big Barbecue Bout

S2015E25 Thrill of the Grill

S2015E26 Scoop's On!

S2015E27 Tendon Intentions

S2015E28 Rock Stars

S2015E29 Teen Tournament: Episode One

S2015E30 Teen Tournament: Episode Two

S2015E31 Teen Tournament: Episode Three

S2015E32 Teen Tournament: Episode Four

S2015E33 Teen Tournament: Grand Finale!

S2015E34 Teen Redeem

S2015E35 Sitcom Moms

S2015E36 A Chopped Halloween

S2015E37 Chopped Catwalk

S2015E38 Food Truck Kitchen

S2015E39 Military Vets

S2015E40 Chopped Desserts!

S2015E41 In-Laws, In Teams!

S2015E42 Family Affair

most recent episode S2015E43 Battle of the Grandpas

How many episodes are in season 2015 of Chopped?

The season consists of 43 episodes. The second half premiered on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.


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Fan Buzz

BUT, You have 2 contestants in desert round and often one is sabatoged by the other because there is not enough time to share ice cream maker... I have come to the conclusion that this show is SUPER RACIST will not be watch ANYMORE! 3-4 contestants and one fryer with 2 baskets.... It is completely designed to virtually cater a Jerry Springer bleeding heart type audiences. This is disappointing and very upsetting.


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