Burger Quiz Season 3

Premiere Date, Episode List

Burger Quiz season 3 started airing on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Subscribe below for season Three fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale — May 29, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S3E1 [Jérôme Commandeur] Vanessa Guide - Jonathan Cohen / Isabelle Nanty - Marc Lavoine

S3E2 [Gérard Darmon] Manu Payet - Anne Depétrini / Zazie - Ary Abittan

S3E3 [Manu Payet] Jonathan Cohen - Sara Giraudeau / Gérard Darmon - Ludivine Sagnier

S3E4 [Jérôme Commandeur] Anaïs Demoustier - Laurent Lafitte / Marina Foïs - Vincent Dedienne

S3E5 [Gérard Darmon] Maurice Barthélemy - Chantal Ladesou / Kheiron - Anne Depétrini

S3E6 [Manu Payet] Mr Poulpe - Thierry Lhermitte / Alice Belaïdi - Haroun

S3E7 [Marina Foïs] Laurent Lafitte - Jonathan Cohen / Gilles Lellouche - Alain Chabat

S3E8 [Gérard Darmon ] Vincent Desagnat - Laurent Baffie / Bun Hay Mean - Najoua Belyzel

S3E9 [Jérôme Commandeur] Vincent Dedienne - Alison Wheeler /Gérard Jugnot - Roman Frayssinet.

S3E10 [Marina Foïs] Benjamin Biolay - Laurent Lafitte / Gilles Lellouche - Tahar Rahim

S3E11 [Manu Payet] Gérard Darmon - Marina Rollman / Anne Depétrini - Pio Marmaï.

S3E12 [Alain Chabat] Catherine Deneuve - Vincent Lacoste / Chiara Mastroianni - Vincent Dedienne

S3E13 [Marina Fois] Leila Bekhti - Geraldine Nakach / Adele Exarchopoulos - Melha Bedia

S3E14 [Gerard Darmon] Thomas Dutronc - Benabar / Mathieu Madénian - Thomas VDB

S3E15 [Alain Chabat] Haroun - Alison Wheeler / Alice Belaïdi - Anne Depétrini

S3E16 [Vincent Dedienne] Marina Rollman - Muriel Robin / Karin Viard - Jonathan Cohen

S3E17 [Jérôme Commandeur] Tom Villa - Isabelle Nanty / Patrick Timsit - Richard Anconina

S3E18 [Marina Foïs] Jérôme Commandeur - Benjamin Biolay / Leila Bekhti - Alain Chabat

S3E19 [Maurice Barthélémy] Anne Dépétrini - Elise Larnicol / Nadia Roz - Jean-Paul Rouve

S3E20 [Jean-Paul Rouve] Anne Depétrini - Maurice Barthélemy / Jérôme Commandeur - Valérie Bonneton

S3E21 [Manu Payet] Eye Haidara - Anne Depétrini / Jonathan Zaccaï - Pio Marmaï

S3E22 [Vincent Dedienne] Helena Noguerra - Maurice Barthélémy / Josiane Balasko - Thierry Lhermitte

S3E23 [Maurice Barthélémy] Benjamin Lavernhe - François Civil / Kheiron - Norman

S3E24 [Jean-Paul Rouve] Fred Testot - Olivier Baroux / Grégoire Ludig - David Marsais

S3E25 [Anne Depétrini] Haroun - Monsieur Poulpe / Riad Sattouf - Maurice Barthélemy

S3E26 [Jean-Paul Rouve] Mr Poulpe - Thomas VDB / Alice Belaidi - Fred Testot

S3E27 [Maurice Barthélémy] Bigflo - Oli / Baptiste Lecaplain - Isabelle Nanty

S3E28 [Alain Chabat] Marion Cotillard - Gilles Lellouche / Guillaume Canet - Laurent Lafitte

S3E29 Episode 29

S3E30 Episode 30

S3E31 Episode 31

S3E32 Episode 32

S3E33 Episode 33

S3E34 Episode 34

most recent episode S3E35 Episode 35

How many episodes are in season 3 of Burger Quiz?

The season consists of 35 episodes.


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Even though Gordon can come off As a jerk and at times you want to sock him really badly You know he knows what he is doing as well as know how to make a restaurant run. Because lets face it, being sixteen and finding Gordon Ramsey attractive is deeply worrying, no offence meant. Did it occur to the three of you that maybe, just maybe Derek too was trying to better his life, some people don't discuss their private lives on national television. He does not teach you how to cook, he teaches you to be at at your best at what you want your dreams to be. Of course without him his shows would be out of business immediately because he is the show.


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