Bosch Season 5

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Bosch season 5 started airing on Friday, April 19, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S5E1 Two Kinds of Truth

S5E2 Pill Shills

S5E3 The Last Scrip

S5E4 Raise the Dead

S5E5 Tunnel Vision

S5E6 The Space Between the Stars

S5E7 The Wisdom of the Desert

S5E8 Salvation Mountain

S5E9 Hold Back the Night

most recent episode S5E10 Creep Signed His Kill

How many episodes are in season 5 of Bosch?

The season consists of 10 episodes.


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Bosch dives into the ridesharing industry by helping co-workers carpool - per Digitaltrends

Bosch employees in Mexico began using Splitting Fares before the company considered making an acquisition. After several months, they reported commuting with co-workers has the added benefit of boosting productivity. It’s an opportunity to network and share ideas in an environment that’s more laid back than work space. You can also see if Stacy’s car is as disorganized as the blasting zone she calls her desk.

Bosch acquires B2B rideshare startup SPLT and establishes mobility service arm - by Techcrunch

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Bosch Security Systems to Be Renamed Bosch Building Technologies - according to Securitysales

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Bosch Security Systems to be renamed 'Bosch Building Technologies' - via Securityinfowatch

In its product business, Bosch said it will merge its video systems, intrusion detection, as well as its access control and management software business units to form a single business unit, known as Security. In making this move, the company said it is responding to the growing demand for sector-specific, integrated security solutions.

Watch Bosch B'Gosh - via Slate

It’s been a while since 1999, and some of the seams show in the trailer—the shots of a protest turning violent look more like 1992 than 2018—but fortunately for the show’s producers, police brutality hasn’t gone away in the interim. The trailer includes a shot of the actual moment a protest becomes violent, though, and it doesn’t look like it’s handled with much nuance: a protestor throws a Molotov cocktail at a police car, seemingly unprovoked. Maybe there’s a scene with a militarized police response that didn’t make the trailer, or maybe this season of Bosch will stay as frustratingly surface-level as the last one. We’ll find out April 13.

Fan Buzz

I have always felt for the cadre of African American actors who did such excellent work in "The Wire". I truly hope this is a first and not a stand alone season. AWESOME! Titus Welliver finally gets a chance to shine as the grizzled Det Bosch. ..oh I don't know

Critics Reviews

    Interestingly, the least successful of the story lines involves OA, herself. Meandering, unfocused and ultimately unsatisfying, these moments spend a WHOLE lot of time telling us what’s happening…instead of showing us…a pet peeve of mine. Further, some of the stuff it DOES actually show us is straight up absurd…with no great underlying meaning. In other words, be prepared to roll your eyes during one specific scene. And while it tries like hell, and, to be fair, occasionally succeeds, there is only so much tension that can be built in that environment. And  worst of all, the ending of THIS storyline feels incredibly false…or did to me. None of which is the fault of the performers who inhabit it, including returning cast members Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen and show creator and matriarch, Brit Marling. They are all superb, as is a truly creepy Vincent Kartheiser, who, in his few episodes, leaves quite an impression. The exact opposite of a tear-jerker, it’s the next installment of the  Michael Connelly-based, L.A. noir, detective story, “Bosch”. And while the world of the series is DEADLY serious, there is still plenty of chuckles, most of which comes down to the cop-speak that infuses almost every breath of the show. In other words, all the dialogue is one big, “no kidding, dipshit”, with an eyebrow raise. And, perhaps, more than anything else, it’s this that has kept me around for five seasons. <...> - via NoSpoilerCritic - Season 5 [Jason Singer]


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