Blue Bloods Season 5

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Blue Bloods season 5 started airing on Friday, September 26, 2014. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S5E1 Partners

S5E2 Forgive and Forget

S5E3 Burning Bridges

S5E4 Excessive Force

S5E5 Loose Lips

S5E6 Most Wanted

S5E7 Shoot the Messenger

S5E8 Power of the Press

S5E9 Under the Gun

S5E10 Sins of the Father

S5E11 Baggage

S5E12 Home Sweet Home

S5E13 Love Stories

S5E14 The Poor Door

S5E15 Power Players

S5E16 In the Box

S5E17 Occupational Hazards

S5E18 Bad Company

S5E19 Through the Looking Glass

S5E20 Payback

S5E21 New Rules

most recent episode S5E22 The Art of War

How many episodes are in season 5 of Blue Bloods?

The season consists of 22 episodes.


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Here's Why 'Blue Bloods' Is Such an Accurate Depiction of the Law Enforcement Life - - via Countryliving

He told the station that he's involved with every aspect of the show that's police-related—which is quite a lot of work, when the entire program is all about the NYPD. "Let’s say [they get] a 56-page script, I’ll give them anywhere between five to 10 pages of notes on the script, just plugging in dialogue with more jargon," Nuciforo said.

Kansas beats Duke and its Elite Eight demons with an overtime classic - via Washingtonpost

It rolled off, the horn sounded, and soon Allen’s fine and checkered four-year college career would conclude with him at his locker in a silent room, dutifully answering questions with a skill he had learned to master. “It’s way different than a [regular] loss,” he said, “because with a loss, you know you’ve got something else. There’s two parts in me, one still fighting” for the closing Final Four dream, “and the other, ‘Sorry, it’s done.’ That’s why it’s really hard to grasp.”

Kansas Needs OT To Top Duke In The Game Of The NCAA Tournament - via Newyork

“It was an honor to play in this game,” said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who remained tied with UCLA legend John Wooden with 12 Final Four performances. “I think both teams were deserving of winning.”

'An overtime classic.' What the national media said about KU's win over Duke - via Kansascity

"To say the national title will be played on Saturday would be disrespectful to Michigan and Loyola. But Villanova has looked like the best team in the field. And on Sunday, in a high-level battle between Nova’s toughest competition, Kansas proved it was worthy of a shot at the Wildcats."

March Madness 2018: Kansas vs. Duke matchup, pick, predictions - via Sports

Tony Parker reportedly led a players-only meeting in which Spurs imploredKawhi Leonard to return. Leonard injured his quad last season, has played just nine games this season and remains sidelined. The Spurs have reportedly cleared him, but he got second opinions and is waiting for his medical team to clear him.

Fan Buzz

Except, of course, for the nepotism we have here. I like all the characters. Erin permanently frowning, conflicted, self-righteous, unhappy. They also have a general 'bad writing' tool they use called selectively variable intelligence. He more than deserves some kind of promotion or special assignment.

Critics Reviews

    When the mayor spoke up during that press conference I had to remind myself that this was a TV show. I can't imagine a mayor of a city dumb enough to admit that the city made a mistake and apologize publicly. Every lawyer on the city's payroll would scream that he was handing Stapleton's family the words they would need to win a multi-million dollar lawsuit.  Having her brother take a bullet for her was surprising and heartbreaking. At the end, she basically admitted that Danny was the closest thing to family she had left and one of the few people in the world she knew she could count on. <...> - by TV Fanatic [Christine Orlando]


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