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There is still no word on release date of season 2 of Big Cat Tales but it will be revealed on this page once there is an official update. Subscribe below for season Two fanalert to be the first to know when a decision is made. We love hearing your thoughts, so share them with us in the comments below.

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Big Cat Tales: 'We need to save these animals before it's too late' - Sky News - according to News

"They're well camouflaged, they're secretive, they don't want to be seen because if the prey animals see them they start alarm calling and that then attracts bigger predators like lions, which could kill them, or hyenas, which will steal their food. So there is this air of mystery.

Critics' choice: Butterfly, The Good Place, Guy's Grocery Games, Big Cat Tales - The Sydney Morning Herald - via Smh

This exquisitely complex story of a transgender child and her family's response to her struggles presents the issue in a thoroughly domestic light, while at the same time highlighting the inadequacies of the wider world for many in this situation. Anna Friel (Marcella) is magnificently cast as the mother of Max/Maxine (played by the exceptionally talented Callum Booth-Ford), a sensitive, empathetic 11-year-old simultaneously navigating her adolescence and her parents' separation.

Animal Planet's 'Big Cat Tales' Checks in With All Your Favorite Lions: Watch the First 2 Minutes (Exclusive Video) - by Thewrap

“Big Cat Tales” documents the present-day prides and families of the big cats of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya — the fights, the cuddling, and the adorable cubs growing up into adulthood.

Previously on Big Cat Tales: New characters emerge, including Fig the leopard. Jackson witnesses the 5 cheetah boys coopreratively hunting. Notch and her young cubs attempt to journey across the plains. Jonathan witnesses a spectacular crossing before some old friends return.


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