Beat Bobby Flay Season 2019

Premiere Date, Episode List

Beat Bobby Flay season 2019 started airing on Thursday, January 10, 2019. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2019E1 Heavy Lifting

S2019E2 Take Him to Fresno

S2019E3 Game On

S2019E4 Old Friends

S2019E5 Getting Nutty

S2019E6 Choc-o-love

S2019E7 Dont Drop the Beat (Bobby)!

S2019E8 Off To The Races

S2019E9 Don't Sour Out

S2019E10 Mince Meat

S2019E11 Greeking Out

S2019E12 A Marital Match

S2019E13 Nutty Times

S2019E14 Against the Grain

S2019E15 They Took the Cheese

S2019E16 A Tropical Punch

S2019E17 Pump It Up

S2019E18 Something's Fishy

S2019E19 Grapes of Wrath

S2019E20 Making Headlines

S2019E21 Flame-tastic!

S2019E22 Bye Bye Birdie

S2019E23 Give Me Some Mo!

S2019E24 Grind It Out!

S2019E25 Chi-Town Throws Down

S2019E26 Double Trouble

S2019E27 Use Your Noodle

S2019E28 A Taste of Summer

S2019E29 Snaked Out

S2019E30 Seeing Stars

S2019E31 It's a Date

S2019E32 Finding Stars

S2019E33 Clear the Deck

S2019E34 Break A Plate!

S2019E35 Funny or Fried

S2019E36 A Proper Smackdown

S2019E37 A Pioneering Ordeal

S2019E38 It's Gonna Be A Late Night

S2019E39 All In The Family

S2019E40 It's Gonna Be Jarring

S2019E41 Bobby vs. Food

S2019E42 Fey vs. Flay

S2019E43 They Had Style, They Had Food, They Were There!

S2019E44 Keeping It Real

S2019E45 It Must've Been Love

S2019E46 That's Amore

S2019E47 Gobble Till You Wobble

most recent episode S2019E48 A Good Day for a Win

How many episodes are in season 2019 of Beat Bobby Flay?

The season consists of 48 episodes. The second half premiered on Thursday, December 26, 2019.


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Fan Buzz

With Bobby Flay I love the show. Imagine the clientele of the household judges: mothers who prepared meals from whatever available food items in the house; people who frequently dine out; and the list can go on. The vast majority of the viewers are everyday people. Flay a file detailing his throwdown mission. Love how he almost always loses:)


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