Beat Bobby Flay Season 2016

Premiere Date, Episode Guide

Beat Bobby Flay season 2016 started airing on Thursday, January 7, 2016. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2016E1 Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

S2016E2 Live from the Food Carpet

S2016E3 Strike While the Iron's Hot

S2016E4 A Cut Above

S2016E5 Touchdown!

S2016E6 Sweet and Spicy

S2016E7 A Feather in Your Cap

S2016E8 The Boys Are Back

S2016E9 Always Expect the Unexpected

S2016E10 Turning the Tables

S2016E11 Pie in the Sky

S2016E12 Pie in the Sky

S2016E13 Time to Get Schooled

S2016E14 Time to Get Schooled

S2016E15 Something Sweet

S2016E16 Something Sweet

S2016E17 Have Merci!

S2016E18 Have Merci!

S2016E19 Just Act Natural

S2016E20 Just Act Natural

S2016E21 Riding the Wave

S2016E22 Fully Baked

S2016E23 Hall of Shame

S2016E24 Star Power

S2016E25 Ring of Fire

S2016E26 Fingerlings Crossed!

S2016E27 A Little Bit Country

S2016E28 Fancy Meeting You Here

S2016E29 Breaking Food News

S2016E30 Red, White and BBQ

S2016E31 Green with Envy

S2016E32 Dancing with the Devil

S2016E33 Ladies Night

S2016E34 Stop, Drop and Roll

S2016E35 So Many Obstacles

S2016E36 Who's Got This in the Bag?

S2016E37 Age Is Just a Number

S2016E38 Get in the Zone

S2016E39 Bobby's DMV Appointment

S2016E40 Dark Horses Still Kick

S2016E41 Comforts of Home

S2016E42 Shore Fire Strategy

S2016E43 Howdy Halloween

S2016E44 Bobby-bing Bobby-boom!

S2016E45 Che-sing Glory

S2016E46 Hold on for One More Flay

S2016E47 Surprise Surprise!

S2016E48 Country Boys in the Big City

S2016E49 Thanks But No Thanksgiving

S2016E50 You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

S2016E51 Back to School

S2016E52 Whiz Kids

most recent episode S2016E53 Like Father, Like Daughter

How many episodes are in season 2016 of Beat Bobby Flay?

The season consists of 53 episodes.


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Previously on Beat Bobby Flay: Comedian Judy Gold teams up with The Kitchen co-host Katie Lee for the chance to poke fun at their dear friend Bobby Flay. Las Vegas titan, Chef Alex Stratta, and Iranian chef Houman Gohary aren't here to play games as they compete with the hopes to take on Bobby, but who will have the last laugh?


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