Beat Bobby Flay Season 2015

Release Date, Episode List

Beat Bobby Flay season 2015 started airing on Thursday, January 1, 2015. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2015E1 Pot Calling the Kettle Beat

S2015E2 New Kids on the Butcher Block

S2015E3 Clash of the Culinary Titans

S2015E4 Defend the House

S2015E5 Fry Me a River

S2015E6 Foreign Relations

S2015E7 Fire in the Hole!

S2015E8 To Contend and Serve!

S2015E9 Culinary Validation

S2015E10 Raising the Bar

S2015E11 No Training Wheels

S2015E12 Best Laid Plans

S2015E13 East Coast's Finest

S2015E14 Out on a Limb

S2015E15 Any Given Sunday

S2015E16 Homeland

S2015E17 Humble Beginnings

S2015E18 Getting Grilled

S2015E19 No Fear

S2015E20 Who's Your Daddy?

S2015E21 No Formalities

S2015E22 Mavericks

S2015E23 Stars and Stripes

S2015E24 Rollin' Deep

S2015E25 Worst-case Scenario

S2015E26 Rise to the Occasion

S2015E27 Do or Die

S2015E28 The Heat Is On

S2015E29 Sticking to Your Guns

S2015E30 Arrivals and Departures

S2015E31 Culinary Tornado

S2015E32 Unfinished Business

S2015E33 Settling the Score

S2015E34 Frenemies

S2015E35 Back with a Vengeance

S2015E36 Trick or Sweet

S2015E37 It's a Family Secret

S2015E38 She's a Lady

S2015E39 Let's Talk Turkey

S2015E40 Hook, Line and Sinker

S2015E41 Roasting on an Open Fire

most recent episode S2015E42 Poking and Prodding

How many episodes are in season 2015 of Beat Bobby Flay?

The season consists of 42 episodes.


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Fan Buzz

The throwdown competitor is someone renowned for a particular type of food like the wedding cakes, chili, hot dogs, sticky buns, buffalo wings, etc. My only vision for improving the show would be to have a household judge: someone with no formal culinary experience. The show starts off Mission: Impossible style where a cloaked messenger delivers to Mr. There's a cook-off with judges and a winner is announced. Flay shows up to a surprised cook and formally issues the throwdown challenge.


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