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Now we have official confirmation that American Crime Story season 3 is in the works. Actual release date have not been disclosed. Subscribe below for season Three fanalert to be the first to know when premiere date is announced.

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'The Assassination Of Gianni Versace' star Edgar Ramirez on the story's backdrop of prejudice - via Screendaily

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Darren Criss on "Weight" of Portraying a Real-Life Character in 'American Crime Story' | Drama Actor Roundtable - via Hollywoodreporter

"What's interesting is the way that it's shaping the narratives that we're interested in," Criss said, comparing the current hot-button issue to the world wars of the early 20th century and how those stories were reflected on-screen. "We're seeing this wonderful rise of female voices in film and television. That's cool. That's the flip side of all this."

Ryan Murphy on 'American Crime Story' Future and Scrapping Monica Lewinsky Season - via Hollywoodreporter

Meantime, the Crime Story team, which includes Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, have been toying with other timely topics in addition to an already in-process installment about Hurricane Katrina. The latter was initially slated to run before the recently concluded season centered on Versace, but it was not ready in time.

'The Assassination of Gianni Versace' Finale Recap: A Perfect Boy - via Nytimes

Watching the live broadcast of the funeral, Cunanan kneels before the television and makes a sign of the cross: a shockingly sacrilegious moment, but hardly of great emotional power since Cunanan’s Catholicism hasn’t really been a theme at all. A scene with Cunanan’s friend Lizzie, whom we have barely heard from, is similarly lacking, as she begs him on television to turn himself in. Lizzie — a straight, older friend who asked Andrew to be the godfather to her children — has intrigued me throughout the series, but the underinvestment in her character makes her plea seem wooden.

How to Watch 'Assassination of Gianni Versace' and What to Know For the 'American Crime Story' Finale - via Newsweek

When you're finished with the episode, you'll likely want to know what disturbing crime Murphy will bring to the screen for American Crime Story Season 3. Turns out, the crime will be a little more abstract next time: Titled Katrina, the next entry in the anthology series will focus on the story of America’s response to the devastating 2005 storm in New Orleans.

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Gooding plays him as a rather dim-witted man who may or may not have done it. It was all laid bare on the screen and masterfully presented with an insight and sensitivity that frankly shocked me. Of murder. My final comment is that the show also had a really good balance between background drama and the events occurring in the courtroom. It is notable that the "church" within which Johnnie Cochran received his religious support had no problem asking their "god" to bless Johnnie as he attempted to help a murderer go free.


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