12 Monkeys Season 4

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12 Monkeys season 4 started airing on Friday, June 15, 2018. Subscribe below for season Four fan alert to get a short reminder email the day of the season finale: Jul 06, 2018. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to episode.guide where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S4E1 The End

S4E2 Ouroboros

S4E3 45 RPM

S4E4 Legacy

S4E5 After

S4E6 Die Glocke

S4E7 Daughters

S4E8 Demons

S4E9 One Minute More

S4E10 The Beginning Part 1

most recent episode S4E11 The Beginning Part 2

How many episodes are in season 4 of 12 Monkeys?

The season consists of 11 episodes.


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SYFY auction offers up 29-foot Cylon Raider, 12 Monkeys props, Warehouse 13 artifacts and more - via Syfy

But, in case you don’t have a roomy backyard to house your own relic from the Cylon War, there are some smaller items up for grabs. 12 Monkeys fans might be interested in the Word of the Witness, a Titan medallion and chain, or the 'Constance' painting featured on the show.

SYFY UK Drops '12 Monkeys' After Three Seasons - via Tvwise

In a departure from normal scheduling, and mirroring the strategy of the U.S. SYFY network, SYFY UK opted to air season three using a binge-model, with the complete season airing over three consecutive days in May of last year. Even with this decision to drop 12 Monkeys, SYFY UK has a healthy slate of first run U.S. scripted acquisitions, including: The CW’s The Outpost, Freeform’s Siren, Hulu originals Future Man and Marvel’s Runaways, NBC’s Midnight, Texas and Reverie, and the Syfy original series Killjoys.

Talking Monkeys official podcast: Todd Stashwick and Terry Matalas on 12 Monkeys Episodes 4-6 - via Syfy

To kick off this week’s episode, the panel spoke about bringing back Elliot Jones, the creator of the time machine, before gushing about the production values of their “western romp.” Sending characters back to the Old West is one of the oldest tricks in the time travel playbook, but the creative team was very satisfied by their efforts. They were also very enthusiastic about Deacon’s arc in these three episodes, which have once again redefined his character.

The end takes us back to the beginning in Night 1 of 12 Monkeys' final season - via Syfy

Olivia saw many of the Witness’ machinations from the other side, and now she’s filling in the blanks herself as she sports that wicked plague mask. Future Olivia possesses her past self to chat with Cassie, a chilling interaction where Cassie plays her part in the timeline. Again, things are playing out just as they always have. Are we approaching the end, or simply the end of the loop? She also comes to the realization that Titan isn’t finished, and completion the city-sized time machine could hold the key to breaking time for good, and bringing on the red forest permanently.

Sci Fi TV Listings for the Week of June 11th: Premiere for 12 Monkeys Fourth and Final Season, Ghosted Returns to the ... - via Cancelledscifi

Weekly roundup of science fiction and fantasy shows (as well as movies/specials of note) on the Prime Time TV schedule, also including programs that may be of interest to genre fans. Air dates and times subject to change without notice.

Fan Buzz

Just another mediocre tv-series that desperately tries to convince you it's good without actually trying to be good. It is on my DVR list and won't sit long each week. For me, this show had become magic and the more I watch it the more I loved every dark and twisted step it takes me through. I think it will happen in last episode of season. Very promising pilot.

Critics Reviews

    The way that artifact made its rounds was pretty clever. Not only did something finally tie into the story Cole's dad always told him, but it's been around since the Primary guys at Westeros gave it to someone back in the dark ages.  Whitley taking to his grave the knowledge Jones had suffered terrible radiation <...> - by TV Fanatic [Carissa Pavlica]

    The final shot of 12 Monkeys features Cole and Railly embracing on the front lawn of a house that has come to hold a near-mystic significance to both them and numerous other characters on the series. But then Matalas shifts focus to show a red leaf on a tree overlooking them. It’s either a natural sign of the autumn <...> - by Vox [Todd VanDerWerff]

    Who among us wouldn’t have thought about giving up when Titan’s arrival boils the underground river keeping the core cool? When the remaining Daughters line up behind their barricades with Cole, Hannah, and Deacon to take on an army of Witness disciples, the overwhelming numbers are downright soul-crushing. It <...> - by Den of Geek [Michael Ahr]

    I couldn’t always keep up. I fell in and out on 12 Monkeys. The show never had anything like ratings, but Syfy gamely tried to pitch it as a binge-friendly romp. The network aired all 10 episodes of season 3 in one weekend last year. For the final season, they’ve refined the release model a bit: Starting <...> - by Entertainment Weekly [Darren Franich]

    That the series would find itself careening toward the fulfillment James's destiny isn’t really all that surprising, though it raises a lot of questions that hopefully the next three weeks worth of episodes will find satisfactory answers to. What’s more surprising is the way in which the first three episodes put <...> - by ScreenRant [Kevin Yeoman]


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