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Queer Britain

Queer Britain is British Documentary TV series. Stars: Riyadh Khalaf. It debuted on May 07, 2017, on BBC Three. IMDb's user rating for the series is 6.8 *.


How Many Seasons Of Queer Britain Were Made: 1 (6 episodes)

Season 2

BBC Three

Season 1

Season premieres on May 7, 2017

BBC Three, 6 episodes

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Queer Britain Broadcast Time

Queer Britain is on BBC Three (United Kingdom) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S1E6 (Queer And Proud) - Air Date: Jun 11, 2017 (3 years ago)

News & Interviews

BBC3 reveals new series Queer Britain with YouTube star Riyahd Khalaf - RadioTimes - per Radiotimes

Does God Hate Queers? Are Gays Racist? Queer and Proud? Just some of the contentious episode titles in BBC3’s new series Queer Britain, which aims to explore the issues facing the LGBT+ community in the UK today.

BBC announces new series Queer Britain with YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf - Gay Times Magazine - via Gaytimes

Issues that will be explored will be LGBT+ youth homelessness, people who are shunned by the LGBT+ community, as well as going behind the scenes of London’s popular queer club night Sink The Pink.


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